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Se'ergu Xinzangzhai
There is a magical "Little Potala Palace" in Sichuan. The houses are made of stone and have been built for a long time! Western Sichuan is a treasure land. In addition to its complex terrain and diverse natural scenery, it is also a settlement of ethnic minorities such as monks, Tibetans and monks. It hides many mysterious and ancient ethnic villages in Aba Prefecture. The Selang ancient Tibetan village in Heishui County is a representative one. This summer, we were fortunate to visit the ancient Tibetan village and feel the charming style. Sergu Zangzhai is located in the valley of the junction of Heishui County and Mao County. The climate is relatively humid, so the plants are lush and rich in resources. The ancient Tibetan village is built on the mountain. In the distance, only the outline of the cottage can be seen. After the Menghe River and Wuligou can really enter the stockade. The building materials of the Sergu Tibetan Village are made of stone, schist stone and yellow mud. The characteristics of this building are long-lasting, and even after a major earthquake in history, it is still preserved. The ancient Tibetan village is very quiet. There are few tourists coming here. It stands quietly on the ridge and silently tells the history. It is a mystery to be solved for foreign tourists. Sergu Tibetan Village is the earliest recorded ancient village in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River in Sichuan. It was the border town during the Tang Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty, Selang entered the period of toast, and in the 1930s, it formed a unique The style of Jiarong culture. The characteristics of Jiarong Tibetans are Jiayu language, which is based on farming culture. The Jiarong Tibetans are a nation formed by the Tibetan garrisons or immigrants and local indigenous peoples in the long-term life process. The velvet is the queen's mountain river, referring to the area around the Mount of Merdo. Seergu is known as "Jia Rong First Village", its name is full of wildness, of which "Ser" is the meaning of leopard, "ancient" is the meaning of wolf. In ancient times, the forests around the Tibetan village were flourishing, and the beasts often appeared. The beautiful name of Selangu was thus called. The ancient Tibetan compatriots began to learn to dance from the time they walked. The female dance skills are outstanding. They dance while welcoming guests, dancing at festivals, and usually want to jump and jump, not at all. constraint.
Se'ergu Xinzangzhai
The Selang ancient Tibetan village building is often three-storey. The bottom of the stockade is home to livestock. The upper layer of the livestock lives on the floor. The top of the person is placed on the top of the person, forming a pattern of "people in the animal, God in the person." Every household has a granary built on the outside of the stone wall. The entrance to the granary is set indoors. The outdoor solid wood is cross-stitched with no nails, which is moisture-proof and ventilated. The floor and the floor are connected by a simple wooden ladder. If you see the eggshell hanging on the door before entering the door, it means that the pregnant woman has special protection. If you see 4 wicking oil lamps in which room. To prove that this family used to be richer. The stockade is built of stone materials, stacked in layers, and a closed wooden window, with the smell of time. The portal of the Selang ancient Tibetan village and the portal are connected to each other. Even if a house is built, the part that is connected together will be set aside. When the other one is built, the connected parts will be set up. Hand-made or printed turbans are hung on each door sill, and when you enter the door, you can get rid of all the suffocating smudges. In the doorway above the threshold, the pig's mandible is neatly arranged. These mandibles mark the annual rings of the building. Counting the number of mandibles, you can know how many generations the family has experienced.
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