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Temppeliaukio Church
The rock church in Helsinki is very special. It is very different from the church that usually has a traditional cross and a podium. The whole church is made of natural rock. It is not visible outside. It is hidden. It is like digging a big hole in the ground. The only church in the world built on rocks. The exterior walls of the church are inlaid with copper, the inner walls completely preserve the original granite, and the top is designed with a large hollowed wooden roof. The sun shines through the cracks into the church, complementing the huge organ that stands inside. Occasionally, small water drops are occasionally left on the surrounding rock walls, and in some places, small wooden barrels are placed on the water. So, instead of a church, it is more like a small concert hall. The music reverberation effect caused by the rock is comparable to that of the speakers. No wonder there are music performances such as piano performances. Unfortunately, I went twice, twice close to the closing time, and missed the wonderful music, hoping to get the next chance.
Angeline Yang
Northern Europe is very attractive to many Chinese. Finland is a sparsely populated Nordic country with a total area of 338,000 square kilometers, which is equal to two Jiangxi provinces. The population is only about 5.5 million, which is less than the population of Hong Kong. The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is located in the south. Helsinki is located 60 degrees north latitude, north of China's Harbin, and is one of the northernmost capitals in the world. The city was founded in 1550. This year was the Chinese Ming Dynasty Jiajing years, and the famous Chinese opera artist Tang Xianzu was born this year. But Helsinki was just a small city. Finland at the time was the territory of Sweden. The King of Sweden fought for the city of Helsinki in order to compete with the city of Tallinn across the Baltic Sea. After only a decade or so, Tallinn was also captured by Sweden, and Helsinki had no need for development. The development of Helsinki began in 1809, when Russia defeated Sweden and merged with Finland. In order to facilitate better management, the Finnish capital was moved from Turku near Sweden to Helsinki near Russia, and developed into Helsinki for Helsinki. The city laid the foundation. Today Helsinki is already an internationally renowned metropolis and one of the most liveable cities in the world. Here, the perfect combination of classical beauty and modern beauty, there are few high-rise buildings in the urban area, quaint buildings abound, and trams all over the streets.
Located in a small sheltered bay from the market, it is housed in a red brick building, the Vanha Kauppahalli. "The city by the water" is said to be a Finnish tradition that has continued since the 17th century. It opened its doors as early as 1889. For more than 100 years, I have witnessed changes in the political, economic and food trade in Finland. Architect Gustaf Nystrm borrowed from the interior market design of many other major European cities at the time, which ultimately made the building itself a beautiful tourist landscape. There are 64 counters in the market, each with a length of 2 meters and a depth of 2 meters. Together with the central activity area and the aisle, the total area is about 1000 square meters. All the counters in the room are uniformly decorated, the wooden carvings are in the shape of the facade, the color is classical, and the names of the shops are written in the door, which is uniform. The market is designed with a wide slewing center and a free WC. The most market stores are seafood stores. Finland is a paradise for fish lovers. Salmon, Baltic herring, squid and freshwater squid are delicious. The method of cooking is smoked, open fire, steamed and steamed. In addition, raw and salted are also very popular. Finland's extensive forests provide the best conditions for tasting such as reindeer meat and snow chicken. The best way to cook reindeer is to simmer and simmer until the corresponding heat is cooked. The meat is thick and sour, accompanied by sweet and sour Red plum sauce and mashed potatoes are mouth watering. There are also some Nordic-style handicraft shops, especially like the life style of Nordic style goods, it is no wonder that so many people like to visit IKEA
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