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Amazing Natural Scenery in Heyuan

Wanlu Lake
3,639 Reviews
11.7km from downtown
"Now it is a dry season, the landscape is not as good as the posters advertised, showing a lot of loess, but it should be better after the rainy season. The boat has to open for not long at each attraction, half an hour, the lake is really big! If you have not come, you can see it, but the tickets are not cheap."
Reasons to Recommend: Surrounded by mountains, Wanlu Lake has breathtaking scenery. Spotted with lush small islands throughout, the water is clear and a beautiful shade of turquoise. What better way to experience the gentle breeze and scenery than to go directly on the water? Take a boat out onto the lake for a tour of the small islands where you can take a walk, see the ancient trees, and fully immerse yourself in the natural scenery.
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Yequ Valley
238 Reviews
8.7km from downtown
"Heyuan City is close to nature, about half an hour drive from the city, the scenery is beautiful, the air is fresh, you can also play drifting and outdoor development, suitable for parent-child group building and other activities. It takes about 2 hours to play on the side of the road, and you don't want to go back by tour bus to the gate."
Reasons to Recommend: Yequ Valley is located in the northern part of the main peak of Daguishan and it enjoys a quiet environment. There are diverse nature attractions including wild duck lake, Hundred Gardens, and Xiangshui Waterfall, and you can experience the natural beauty of dark-hole rafting. Shuttling between the scenic mountain forests, one can see the wild duck lake, where occasionally wild ducks come and go. Here you can also choose to continue to walk and enjoy nature. On the way, 100 gardens and 100 herb gardens enable the enjoyment of exotic flowers and plants. You can search for the "four gentlemen" of plum, bamboo, and chrysanthemum.
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Nongfu Spring Production BaseClosed
202 Reviews
4.3km from downtown
"A free water factory to visit - the River source Nongfu Springs production base. The establishment of this factory site is important, good water resources is the top priority, which shows that the river source has very good conditions. The factory has a narrator to introduce the factory site selection, automation, hygiene, etc. of course, to the farmer factory, the spring water is free to drink."
Reasons to Recommend: Nongfu Spring Production Base is located at the intersection of Shuangxia Road and West Ring Road, Heyuan City. Different from traditional scenery and folklore tour, this scenic spot is a garden-style factory with a clean and beautiful environment. Here you can understand the production and processing technology of Nongfu spring and experience the unique nature of their natural water.
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Xinfeng River DamClosed
36 Reviews
4.4km from downtown
"The first dams will be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the project. Such achievements are not easy to achieve in the light of technological underdevelopment. The dams have been flooded with a series of earthquakes. Continuously reinforced, the dam successfully withstand the magnitude 6 earthquake. The water level on both sides of the dams is about 100 meters apart. Standing on the dam, you can see the crystal clear intoxicating scenery of Wanlv Lake."
Reasons to Recommend: The Xinfengjiang Reservoir Dam is 6 kilometers away from Heyuan City. It is a concrete structure with a height of 124 meters, a crest width of 5 meters and a length of 440 meters. dam. The spill section is provided with 3 holes. From July 11 to 14, and from August 9 to 16, 1997, the dam was opened twice to release floods. When the flood was released, the lake water rushed out from the gate, and with the whistling sound like thunder, thousands of piles of snow were rolled up, like a picture of a dragon roaring in the sea, which is very spectacular. The dam of Xinfengjiang Power Plant is a miracle in the early stage of socialist construction, and a model for human beings to transform nature and seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. If you hadn't been there, it would be hard for people to imagine that behind such a 100-meter dam is a "sea in the mountains", and there is a medium-sized city with high-rise buildings and graceful people at the foot.
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RongJia GuoYun Hot Spring Resort
50 Reviews
9.7km from downtown
Reasons to Recommend: Heyuan Tianshang Renjian Hot Spring Resort has a gigantic artificial hot spring waterfall, which brings together the pure hot spring blister pools of China's provincial style features. The large pure water hot spring water pool can accommodate hundreds of tourists at the same time, creating the unique pure hot spring water drifting. The waters can accommodate hundreds of tourists to play by rubber boats, dynamic surfing pool, children's favorite paddling pool, etc., which are ideal for relaxation and leisure.
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Huangniu Stone
8 Reviews
88.3km from downtown
"The scenery is very beautiful, the mountain is connected to a commonly known Jiulian Mountain, one of the key points like the Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin, is a bit tired on the road"
Reasons to Recommend: Huangniushi Nature Reserve is located in the Jiulian Mountains in northern Guangdong, north of Lianping County, with a total area of 4,334 hectares. The north is connected to the Jiulianshan National Nature Reserve in Jiangxi Province. The protected area belongs to the middle and low mountains, surrounded by continuous peaks and majestic mountains. The Huangniu Stone is 1430 meters above sea level. The mountain gradually decreases from north to south, with ups and downs. The geological structure of the reserve is relatively old, belonging to the Mesozoic Yanshanian granite, with associated metal deposits. There are dense forests in the area, which are natural secondary broad-leaved forests, and there are many kinds of precious forest plants and wild animals.
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Jiulianshan Forest Villa
21 Reviews
57.8km from downtown
"Although the renovation has been a bit long and a bit shabby, the environment is good, there is a swimming pool, and the water is relatively natural and clean. The so-called hot springs should be heated water. The driving distance is 13 kilometers from the highway. This is not a problem. It is not so far into the mountains. There will be good air and water"
Reasons to Recommend: Jiulianshan Primitive Forest Resort is a large-scale comprehensive green resort invested and built by Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Rida Co., Ltd. according to the four-star standard. It is located in the north of Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, in Lianping County, the hinterland of Jiulian Mountain. It is about 200-300 kilometers away from the Pearl River Delta cities Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other places as well as Hong Kong and Macau. It is located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone. period of up to 11 months. And because the mountain peaks are surrounded by dense virgin secondary broad-leaved forests and some virgin forests, the negative ion content in the air is particularly high, rich in plant essence, and it is a great oxygen bar for natural self-cultivation. Jiulian Mountain Primitive Forest Resort Clubhouse integrates more than ten items such as cold swimming pool, hot swimming pool, sauna, massage, fitness, and swimming. The total area of the swimming pool is more than 100,000 square meters, of which 5,000 square meters are natural swimming pools. The natural water left on the mountain is used to meet the direct drinking standard without swimming. A business club is an indispensable part of your business trip. Jiulianshan virgin forest resort has five areas: welcome reception area, rafting adventure area, hotel resort area, virgin forest recreation area, and water recreation area. Surrounded by virgin forest, it is one with nature. Here is a natural oxygen bar for leisure and vacation specially built for every friend!
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23 Reviews
11.3km from downtown
"Shuiyue Bay is a scenic spot that can only be reached by boat. The ticket price is included in the Wanlv Lake ticket plus the boat ticket. In good weather, the scenery is good and the photos are beautiful, but the ticket price for Wanlv Lake is too expensive. I should never come again"
Longfeng Island
20 Reviews
7.1km from downtown
"Phoenix Island is a scenic spot that can only be reached by boat. The ticket price is included in the Wanlv Lake ticket plus the boat ticket. Many strange trees on the island do not know how they grow like this, and there are many maple trees. Very beautiful"