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About Hezhou

Hezhou City is located in the eastern part of Guangxi. With a history of more than 2,000 years, there are many cultural relics and historic sites. The folk customs here are both rich and down to earth. Hezhou’s ecological environment is exceptional, owing to its many natural landscapes such as primordial forests and natural botanical gardens. This area is also home to people of many ethnicities. It is an especially great place from which to experience the unique charm of the local Yao people, as well as the festivals held by various ethnic groups, such as the Fushan Song Festival or the Fireworks Festival. All of these events reflect Hezhou's long history and multiethnic culture.

Popular Attractions in Hezhou

Huangyao Ancient Town
4,859 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
This ancient town was established during the Song dynasty (960-1279) and finally got its name when inhabitants surnamed Huang and Yao became the majority of residents. The town has a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. The stone streets are still paved in the manner they were hundreds of years ago, and the expanse of buildings of gray brick and tile roofs is a profound sight. The ancient stage at the entrance to the town holds intricate murals on the beams of its eaves, and vivid images of various beasts rest on the flying eaves.
Gupo Mountain
3,545 Reviews
Gupo Mountain is a natural “oxygen bar” in a gorgeous environment. Here you can enjoy the majesty of mountains, the energy of waterfalls and streams, and the primeval beauty of the lush forest. There is also a tranquil village and beautiful tea garden. A wide variety of plants and animals live and grow on Gupo Mountain. Every year around April or May, a mass of high mountain rhododendrons blooms, creating the perfect setting for a springtime mountain outing. Then, when summer comes, you can experience the excitement and thrill of river rafting.
Jade Forest Scenic Area
743 Reviews
Geological Sites
Hezhou Jade Forest Scenic Area is a rare set of jade formations composed of Han jade stone columns and stalagmites. It was formed during the Jurassic Period. There are many strange rocks taking different forms and marvelous natural landscapes, such as the Millennium Camel and Air Corridor. Most of the peaks are a grayish white. If you want to enjoy the white stone forest, go to the snowy Yuzhu sites. The landscape is unique and attractive. Take a slide as a thrilling way to descend the mountain.
18 Water Ecological Scenic Area
339 Reviews
The 18 Water Ecological Scenic Area is one of Hezhou City's famous scenic spots. The Ecological Scenic Area has more than twenty scenic spots. Because there are ten waterfalls in the scenic spot and 18 bays, it is called “18 Water.” Inside the scenic area, the mountains are tall, the forests are deep, the waterfalls cluster together, ancient trees tower towards the sky and the climate is pleasant. This is a particularly rich example of Southern China's original natural oxygen bar. The scenic area has beautiful natural scenery. It is famous for its many large waterfalls, which feature a high drop.

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Trip Moments

If you don't just go to Hezhou, you don't even know that there is such a spot in Jade Forest. This piece of stone forest, hidden in the mountains and rivers, has been in existence for hundreds of millions of years. Looking far away, surrounded by rolling hills, this is the southern karst landform, of course, there is a more familiar name - Guilin landscape. Jade Forest, 18 kilometers away from Hezhou City, Guangxi Province. It has been weathered and eroded for thousands of years. The appearance of this stone forest is constantly changing. Some stone pillars have become the image of various animals. You need to use your imagination. Arrived. When I first arrived at the jade forest, there was still a drizzle of rain in the sky. In the blink of an eye, the rain stopped, but the fog did not stop and continued to spread between the valleys. As China's first longevity city, Hezhou's natural environment is undoubtedly excellent. There are many mountains and many trees. Walking around the countryside, people are comfortable green everywhere. The mist formed by water vapor is in the mountains. It doesn't last long. Stone forests in other places are mostly gray-black, and only the jade forest in Hezhou is black and white. The scientist's explanation is that Hezhou Stone Forest has distinctive rock composition. Other stone forests are gray rocks. The rock composition of Hezhou Stone Forest is pure white coarse-grained marble. Most of the stone columns are attached to the surface due to long-term exposure. The dry and weathering of mosses is infested into black, which makes the stone forest black and white.
Posted: 23 Dec 2018
I like to visit the museum because it can understand the city's predecessors and humanities and humanities, but likes to visit the Garden Expo Park, because it contains the wisdom of the city's many years of accumulated good lifestyle, can see all the landscaping of the entire city. And the level of ecological construction, in such a garden park in Hezhou, according to the natural mountain water resources, all the landscapes of Guangxi are presented here. The Garden Expo Park is located in the southeast of Hezhou City. The land area of the scenic area is 1405 mu. The ecological life of Jiang, Lake, Mountain, and Field is used to show the longevity culture of Hezhou. The Garden Expo is dominated by Tangfeng architecture. Looking out from the gate, you can see the ancient style of the Tang Dynasty architectural complex. The antique buildings along the road are dignified and stable, and almost every place carries a rich culture. There are 14 large scenic spots in the Garden Expo Park, which are based on the famous landscapes of major cities in Guangxi, and the humanities history is reduced and built into the park. The first sight is Guilin Park. According to the Yangge Fishing Village, Ancient Rhythm Tea Road The theme is to use the mountains and rivers to show the fishermen's villages and terraces, and the towering towers of the longevity towers are used to show the secrets of longevity like tourists. The Changshou Pavilion is as high as 46 meters. The five-folded flying dragonfly is high and tilted up, and the whole is calm and atmospheric. The pavilion is provided with a statue of Pengzu for visitors to burn incense and pray for life.
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