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The busiest airport in the world, the first encounter with London Heathrow Airport experienced a few days of high temperature in Beijing, finally ushered in my British travel. The initial encounter with this country is naturally London Heathrow Airport. As one of the busiest airports in the UK and Europe, you can see one flight next to it and experience a long time to enter. Environment London Heathrow Airport has 5 terminals. After landing, follow the signs to guide the entry. The guidelines are clear. The direction and location are clearly marked. As long as you understand everyday English. It is easy to find the way to go. Shopping Because you have just arrived at the airport, there is no excessive shopping plan, so take the time to go through the immigration formalities. If you forget to buy a calling card when you first arrive in London, you don't have to worry about it. In addition to taking your baggage, you can also sell a British phone card in a nearby vending machine, and you can choose according to your needs. There is a supermarket in the lobby lobby where you can buy something of interest. There is a free shuttle bus in the airport that can travel between several terminals. It is also easy to find buses and taxis and subways that enter the city. The time is about an hour. You can download Uber and other apps in advance, you can choose the model you need according to the number of people in the same line. The driver service attitude of the UK is very good, that is, the taxi fare is relatively high, and it is more cost-effective for many people to travel. Note I am taking the Heathrow airport from Air China. The bridge of Air China is very far from the terminal. It takes at least 15 minutes to arrive, so whether it is departing or arriving. , you have to calculate the time, so as not to catch up with the plane!
Agent John
The last stop on the move, London Heathrow International Airport is London's main airport, about 24 kilometers from the centre of London, one of the busiest airports in the world and one of the largest airports in the world. Heathrow Airport currently has 5 terminals, I mainly talk about T3 shopping. Duty-free shops are still very powerful, directly 17% after-tax prices, while shopping malls in London are basically 12% to 15%, according to the total price of the goods bought, the more you buy, the more cost-effective, but also Tax rebates are relatively cumbersome. T3 brand is more numerous, there are more LVs bought by Chinese people, Gucci, including Burberry, which must be bought in the UK, have quite large stores, and the goods are still very comprehensive. For example, Gucci's Dionysian WOC is only 745 pounds, and the colors are red, green, black, white, and blue. Marmont is also not expensive, and there are also popular white nude colors, which are cheaper than France according to the current exchange rate. In addition to luxury brands, Harold, London's largest established department store, also has stores in T3. Chocolate, black tea, and a variety of hand-packages suitable for gifting are very beautiful. Recommend their hand cream The color scheme and pattern are super beautiful, very design sense, can not be bought in other places, the price is also very cheap, and it is suitable for personal use. Burberry is a must-buy brand in the UK. The classic cashmere scarf bought two parents and elders. Alipay pays directly, about 2,550 yuan, which is cheaper than the urban area. There are also many colors. As for T3 cosmetics and skin care products, I think it is basically cheaper, but the price of La mer seems to be good, and the light air cushion is only 75, giving you some reference. Airport traffic: 1. There is a car rental at the airport terminal. It takes about 1 hour to get to central London, 2. Airport high-speed train can reach Paddington within 15 minutes, regular train About 25 minutes 3. Take the subway Piccadilly Line to reach central London within 1 hour.
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