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Hoi An,Recommendations
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Junghwa Hong
Hoi An,Recommendations
Hoi An Old Town
There has been no interest in the sights of the ancient towns, except for the ancient town of Hoi An in Vietnam, which is full of Chinese and Japanese architecture, and then put on a set of Vietnamese national costumes, and the photo is really beautiful! I only arranged a day in the ancient town of Hoi An, I have already taken a lot of beautiful photos. If time permits, I suggest you can stay in Hoi An for one night so that you can marry the morning. When you are young, take more beautiful photos. Huian ancient town is not big, its OK to walk, there are no attractions, we are all stop and go, see the favorite Jinger stop and take pictures, now lets share with you how to be Hoi An play. Buy Aozhen, wear Aozhen Many shops in the ancient town have a sale, the spot is about 100 to 200rmb, the order is slightly more expensive, 200 to 400rmb, Remember to bargain. Photographing in Guzhen One of the biggest features of Hoi An Ancient City is the yellow wall, which reminds people of the scene in Fanghua. The background of the yellow wall is really gray. ! The most representative building in Hoi An is the Japanese covered bridge, which is a place where tourists compete to take pictures. Going to Lantern Street at night to see the night scene In fact, the most beautiful time in Hoi An is at night, and thousands of lanterns in the ancient city are lit up, which is really fascinating. Buy lanterns, small tens of dollars rmb, big more than 100.
Hoi An,Recommendations
Hoi An Old Town
Sitting on the Star Cruises to Vietnam, staying in two ports, one of which is the second largest port city in Vietnam, Da Nang. When I set off, I sent myself to Vietnam in the circle of friends. Several friends recommended to go to the ancient city of Hoi An. It is worth visiting. Its here, walking, and here, the ancient city of Hoi An. When I came here, the weather was not very good. Just after the downstream round, there was a light rain, and it never stopped. The long-distance cruise ship from China took two days to come here. In such a weather, it is inevitable There will be some loss. But for a photographer, no weather can stop my heart of photography. I bought a hat in a small shop. The boss has already seen that I am a tourist. I use the calculator in my hand to press 30. I understand it, 30 RMB. I use the fluent Chinese to pay 20 yuan. The boss actually I understand, ok, I am serving you. Wearing national costumes and wandering the streets of Hoi An ancient city, from time to time, tourists pick up the camera in their hands and pretend that I am also a local, haha. The main means of transportation in Hoi An Ancient City is that "you die first tricycle" tourists sit in front, the driver is behind, in case of any major events, you know, such a design car may only be seen in foreign countries. The ancient city of Hoi An, a place worth staying for a few days, used to be a port called "the mouth of the sea." Because of the dispute over the rights of the king of Vietnam, I almost abandoned it here. After the United Nations large-scale renovation of Angang, the brilliance of todays day was dazzled.
Hoi An,Recommendations
Hoi An Old Town
Hoi An was the first stop for Chinese people to land in Vietnam in ancient times. Hoi An is like an ancient Chinese town. It is called Lijiang in Vietnam. It used to be the most important port city in Champo, and it has a well-preserved style of hundreds of years. It has now been included in the World Cultural Heritage List. The entire ancient city of Hoi An is full of traces of the blending of these multi-ethnic cultures, and is also the joint efforts of several generations. The architectural streets in the ancient city reflect the fusion of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese culture and architectural style. The layout of the street and the style of the building not only show the simplicity and elegance of the Chinese architecture, but also integrate the natural aesthetics and life of the local people. Visitors can appreciate the ancient cultural traditions and feel the rich regional atmosphere. In addition to most Chinese-style buildings, there are a large number of French classical and courtyard buildings in Hoi An. Most of these French buildings are beautiful, beautiful and beautiful, and the exterior is decorated with European walls. The statues of the Renaissance characters are of great artistic value. The ancient city of Hoi An is very beautiful at night, transforming into a world of lanterns. Lanterns of various colors and various shapes hang high and illuminate the whole street. If you are interested, you can buy one and go back, the price is not expensive. In the evening, some small vendors will also come out, selling local specialties and small furnishings, which are worth visiting. Wearing the Austrian very ancient city, wearing the traditional Vietnamese costumes is the most suitable, Austrian and Chinese cheongsam is very similar, but different from the cheongsam is the more elegant
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