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Hong Kong

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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong, also known as the “Pearl of the Orient”, is a very distinctive city. The city is very prosperous and culturally rich, highlighting both tradition and forward thinking. There are many business districts on both sides of Victoria Harbour, a favorite of tourists looking for a rich shopping experience, while the Star Ferry running across the harbor between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island has been operating for over a hundred years. Hong Kong is also home to the first Disneyland in China, countless delicious eateries and a unique tea shop culture. The city is like a sediment of history being slowly carried forward by the currents of time. Hong Kong films were once a characteristic calling card of the city during their heyday, telling countless stories unique to the Hong Kong cityscape.

Popular Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Disneyland
44,633 Reviews
Theme Park
The heritage of the Walt Disney Company is alive and well at Hong Kong Disneyland. Different from any other Disney property on the planet, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort prides itself on offering a diverse and culturally distinctive Disney experience for guests of all ages. The park is divided into several "lands" (themed areas). These include Adventureland, Grizzly Gulch, and Toy Story Land. Throughout the park there are countless restaurants and shops. Disney strives to have something for everyone and it is little wonder why this is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong.
Ocean Park Hong Kong
31,348 Reviews
Theme Park
Ocean Park Hong Kong is an animal theme park and amusement park. It has various attractions and rides, including four roller coasters, in addition to animal exhibits with different themes such as a giant panda habitat, a rainforest area, and polar displays. Ocean Park also features the world's largest aquarium dome. In addition to entertainment, Ocean Park engages in education, conservation, and advocacy. The park is known for its special events and celebrations during major holidays including Christmas, Lunar New Year, and Halloween. It is a popular and well-regarded attraction in Hong Kong.
Victoria Peak
11,783 Reviews
Observation Deck
Standing at 552 m, Victoria Peak is the highest hill on Hong Kong Island. From the summit area, you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view. The public walking paths around the peak offer excellent vantage points for photographing Victoria Harbor and the marvelous Hong Kong skyline. It's possible to reach Victoria Peak by bus or via the historic cable car. There are stores and restaurants located in the Peak Galleria. Visiting at sunset or at night is simply spectacular. There is arguably no better place from which to glimpse central Hong Kong.
Tsim Sha Tsui
6,393 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Tsim Sha Tsui is located at the southern tip of the Kowloon Peninsula. It abuts Victoria Harbour and lies just across the water from Hong Kong Island. Shopping is a major attraction in Tsim Sha Tsui with many luxury brands lining the streets. Attractions include Kowloon Park, the Hong Kong Culture Centre, the Hong Kong Space Museum, and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The areas next to Victoria Harbour offer stunning views of Hong Kong Island and the central business district. Owing to its popularity and location, there is lots to see and do in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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Where to Experience Chinese New Year
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Towards the end of January, a palpable excitement takes hold in places like China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations are a time of great joy and precipitate the world’s largest annual human migration. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people leave major cities to return home to smaller villages or provincial towns. The journey is joyous as people fill all manner of transport, eager to return home to see parents and children. Lunar New Year is central to Chinese cultural life, yet what are the holiday’s major characteristics? Where can you go to experience the festivities for yourself? This short primer will provide some answers to these questions and should, by the end, have you anxiously awaiting your own Red Packet!
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Hong Kong Weather

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Trip Moments

Angeline Yang   
Chase so many years of Harry Potter, Hermione small now Chula more beautiful, as a Harry Potter. I did not expect luxury brand stores in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong upstairs filled with hidden such a surrounding Harry Potter shop. Voldemort's wand from a variety of professors and to Quidditch, to send scarves wild ins canvas bag from Gryffindor. From mugs to T-shirt sweater, not a big store within even let me wait for a long time. The price is considered fair, such as Harry Potter woolen scarf, two-three hundred HKD, more than a canvas bag, and Universal Studios store almost. There is no doubt that the owner is Harry Potter, so specially arranged in the corner of a desk against the wall. They provide robes and hats, boys and girls of different size. The wand, black-rimmed glasses, and a white owl is also essential these props can be free to take pictures here, like how to shoot, too, on the mirror! Therefore, it may be the way to look at the Causeway Bay shopping time, even if not to buy things taking pictures is very worth it. In the vicinity Hysan Place, Address: Yun Ping Road, 2nd Floor, No. 19 (Causeway Bay Station 2-minute walk, near Lee Park)
Posted: 23 Nov 2018
Coco Wang   
There is a cafe in every happy city. A very hot port planted Winston's coffee in the ins. I started to use Google Maps navigation. By default, we took us to the Queen's Road West, just a stone's throw from the West Rail station of the MTR. Later, I found out that the store door and the blogger were different. I asked the clerk to know that Winston's coffee had two branches in Hong Kong, and the other was near the West Ring Terminal. So we retook the MTR and ran to this house. It can be said that it came from the name. This street still largely retains the local flavor of Hong Kong. The cool black exterior is more eye-catching. The signboard above is very nostalgic. It looks like a row outside the cinema, and the most attractive one is the facade. I wrote HONGKONG I love you in the uppercase font.
Posted: 28 Nov 2018
Ten hot pot restaurants in Denglong Street on the edge of Causeway Bay, follow the Google map. You can find, Yongguang Center is all upstairs all kinds of food. Ten hot pots on the second floor. Ten times in the Cantonese dialect It's silly, bullying me is a Xiang sister, and I do not know why I want to take such a name. The decoration in the store is more retro-type, many of them are decorated with red and green lights, a little Hong Kong-style atmosphere. The hot pot bottom material can be double-stitched. The bottom of this fresh fish is what I did not think. There is only the grilled fish inside. Although there is no boiled umami taste, it tastes good. The most unexpected thing about the whole hot pot is this intestine powder. I always know that Hong Kong and Guangdong like to eat intestine powder. But I also eat it for the first time Taking a bite with suspicion, but unexpected slip Praise Thumbs up Address: 2 / F, Yongguang Center, 28 Denglong Street, Causeway Bay. Transportation: Causeway Bay MTR Station Exit b, 3 minutes walk. Business hours: 17: 00-01: 00 Monday to Sunday. Recommended: Intestinal powder, Emperor dish, Huajia chicken.
Posted: 28 Nov 2018
Angeline Yang   
Dangdang Dangdang, this shop is doing business, and the Sailor Moon theme snacks are brought up with the times. It is the dim sum representative of the one L3 in the mall at 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. They often follow the mall. The themed activity adjusts the menu accordingly. For example, the one I went to is the Sailor Moon. Whether it is shrimp dumplings or desserts, the beautiful girl lets you see enough. Every time you eat it, you must first entangle it. First eat the water ice month or Ami. However, this store does not recommend everyone to eat. The price is too low, as a food, very responsible, said that the taste is quite general. Most of them have not reached the level of normal Hong Kong-style dim sum. The price is costly, a shrimp Dumpling 90 Hong Kong dollars is also no one, the mall downstairs looks at the exhibition photo taking just fine. Store Name: Dim Sum Representative Address: the one L3, Shop 100, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Transportation: Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit B2, 2 minutes walk.
Posted: 29 Nov 2018
Hong Kong’s Stone Street, formally known as Pottinger Street, is located in the mid section and at the intersection of Hollywood Road and Connaught Road Central in the Central District. This is a popular street recalling the old Hong Kong. The historic street is made up of large stone slabs, which is also why it’s called Stone (tile) Street. This is a very short street. Coming from Lan Kwai Fong, it takes about 10 minutes to walk it. However the two areas offer completely different views. Lots of movies were filmed on this street, with the most famous being “Infernal Affairs.” This is why you will find many tourists here, sitting on the railings and taking selfies. As today is a Saturday, there are even more people here. This is a very short street with lots of shops. They all have very nice looking storefronts and all great for photo-taking.
Posted: 29 Nov 2018
Coco Wang   
The tram is one of Hong Kong’s most iconic forms of transport and has been in service in 1904. It’s been running along the streets of Hong Kong for some 100 years now, making it one of the world’s oldest tramway systems. Every time the tram pulls into a stop, it will first emit the sound of “ding ding ding” which is why people refer to trams as “ding ding.” Ding Dings are driven along the major areas on the Hong Kong Island. From Sai Wan, Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay down to North Point you can find these trams. As such, roads lined with tram tracks are also a significant and iconic mark of Hong Kong. Ding Dings bear witness to Hong Kong’s centennial history. Therefore, apart from being a form of transport, it is also an icon of our times. Back then, taking rides on the tram for an extended period of time was a romantic, leisurely activity. For many older generation of Hongkongers, this is a great memory and remains so for many others nowadays. There are also many retro and unique designs and types of Ding Dings. Perhaps you might have ridden on one of those 60s style trams seen in Stephen Chow’s “CJ7?”
Posted: 27 Nov 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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