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Great Urban Parks in Honolulu

Dole Plantation
271 Reviews
30.6km from downtown
Botanical Garden
"There is still a certain popularity in this attraction in Hawaii. After all, the history here is also very long. Going out to travel must feel the local human characteristics, natural scenery and local specialties. Come here to see a lot of tropical fruit here. A lot of pineapple. The pineapple ice cream in the canteen after the tour is especially delicious."

Reasons to Recommend: The Dole Plantation has to be the easiest sell of any attraction on Oahu. Who in their right mind would miss an opportunity to explore a facility that is home to such a delectable treat as pineapple? The fun is taken up another irresistible notch by the cooking staff who have created several specialty dishes that use this tropical fruit, top among them the pineapple whip, a famous local favorite. Combine these tasty treats with a nostalgic Pineapple Express train tour and a journey through the official largest maze in the world and you have an attraction that's overflowing with fun. The plantation is located right along the way to the North Shore if you are coming from Waikiki, making it an easy stopover.

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Ala Moana Beach Park
98 Reviews
2.2km from downtown
"The plane just landed and saw the rainbow through the window! Honolulu is so beautiful! The chance to see a double rainbow every day is very high~ I fell in love with Hawaii in an instant! Honolulu has everything to eat, drink and have fun, the best is to relax, is a place to go and want to go countless times. I have no interest in the attractions. During the period in Honolulu, I went to shopping malls, beach walks, and various eating and buying. Recommend a few restaurants that I think are good~ Niujiao Japanese BBQ specialty store in Japan I love to eat its BBQ in Japan! It saved my Asian stomach by eating in Hawaii! Happy hour is very affordable, but we chose self-help, so it is good! Weekend night 45 dollars, still very good value! Beef and pork are delicious! Dessert is not inferior! Eggs'n Things from Hawaii to Japan have to try the net muffins. I personally feel so normal, but my husband loves to eat, he ate for two days... It seems that the dessert is something the man likes to have nothing to do with women... Honolulu has many stores, I think the environment of Waikiki is too normal. The drinks are not good, do not recommend! Directly ask for ice water! Red Lobster is also a net red shop, and you go to eat without waiting. The steak is not bad, but the lobster is difficult to say... I think the lobster pizza is very delicious, Husband complains that it is made of side materials... The Cheesecake Factory cake is not bad, it is more heavy. Other food is very ordinary, the environment is very general, it is too bad smell... Blue Water eats the most pleasant surprise! Just in the Hilton Resort! The environment is very general, the big brand, the taste is amazing~ Loco moco and combo牛排 and shrimp are super recommended! Tips: We basically pay cash, but the tip is difficult to make! Recommended card..."

Reasons to Recommend: The Ala Moana Beach Park is at once one of the most popular beaches on Oahu’s South Shore, and one of the least noticeably crowded. Removed from the shoulder to shoulder crunch found at some of the spots directly along Waikiki Beach, Ala Moana is still bustling with activity but there is much more beach to space it out. The waters here are perfectly tranquil thanks to an offshore reef buffeting the waves. Visitors will find plenty of sun and sand to enjoy, in addition to workout facilities, a snack shop, and an expansive open park that includes the scenic Magic Island. The similarly named Ala Moana Mall is just across the street from this location, and is by far the best shopping opportunity in the state. If you are looking for a calm, family friendly beach look no further than Ala Moana Beach. It’s about a fifteen minute walk west from the areas centrally packed hotels, and is a welcome site for those who have spent the majority of their vacation up to that point only in crowded Waikiki Beach.

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Kaka'ako Waterfront Park
11 Reviews
1.6km from downtown
City Park
"Kaka Alu Seaside Park is not big, but there are not fewer tourists, which has to do with the location. The scenery is still good, even if we arrived late, the tourists still did not disperse."

Reasons to Recommend: The Kakaako Gateway Park is one of Honolulu's most relaxing areas. Nestled next to the waterfront near Ward Warehouse, this beautiful six acre park is home to expansive fields of green and a play area that is absolutely perfect for families with children. The park is one of the more popular locations in Honolulu for outdoor weddings, since it's both scenic and somewhat secluded. It goes right on up to the edge of the water, but there is no sandy beach to be enjoyed here, just rocks. Still, while this may hinder some beachfront activities, fishing is certainly alive and well. It's easy to cast off from the shore here and quickly be plumbing relatively deep waters where sizable fish can be caught. If you are tired of digging sand from every crevice on your body, but still want to spend some time near the beach, bring a picnic and enjoy the grassy waterfront at Kakaako Park.

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Sans Souci Beach Park
6 Reviews
6.2km from downtown
"The worryfree beach park is a very scenic day park, because of its convenient location, but also attracts a lot of tourists. However, the place is large, the beach is clean, the beach is soft, it feels very comfortable, there are also water projects to play"
USS Bowfin Memorial Park
22 Reviews
10.8km from downtown
"Very interested in visiting the submarine so we went. The tour was 35 minutes with an audio guide which was great and very informative. Chatted with a former Navy soldier staff member. He told us about life in the submarine etc which was great."

Reasons to Recommend: The Bowfin Memorial Park is a place dedicated to the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument at Pearl Harbor. For a meager admission price you can include this attraction full of history to your day at Pearl Harbor, and learn the shocking past of one of the navy's most victorious vessels. The USS Bowfin went through nine tours of duty in the Pacific, accumulating innumerable "kills" over that span of time. Japanese decals are spread on the ships hull in abundance, exemplifying the deadly accuracy at which the Bowfin went about it's job. Visitors are encouraged to read up on the past of submarine warfare at the waterfront around the Bowfin, before heading on board the sub itself to view the deck and the small living quarters below. Both an magnificent piece of machinery and an historic remain of one of the most impactful events in world history, the USS Bowfin, and the Pearl Harbor National Monument, are both important to see Oahu attractions.

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