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Things To Do in Hue

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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Atchy ScottyI ve been here twice. One was in the rain season, another one was in winter. It was great, i loved the place and the history of this cities. Visited many tombs and hue citadel.
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我自独行独行客Haiyunfeng is the natural boundary between Huihua and Dagang. Two tungsten towers are historic sites. The bricks have been weathered and look ragged. It witness the Vietnam experience. The scenery is majestic and poetic. Fengling is full of sea, and the four seasons are surrounded by mountains.
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Historical Site
icqpupThe Khai Dinh Mausoleum is the smallest among the Hue imperial tombs, but it is undoubtedly the most distinctive one: the Kh Dinh Mausoleum is relatively modern, so the architectural style is also a combination of Chinese and Western styles, which has a taste of Yuanmingyuan architecture, while other imperial tombs Basically Chinese style. There are more tourists here than Tu Duc Tomb, especially tourist groups like to bring it here. The imperial tombs are laid out on the mountain, with steep steps going up, and stone figures stand on both sides of the platform on the first floor, which are the check-in points for internet celebrities. Going up is the main building. The mausoleum inside the main building is even more gorgeous and extraordinary, and the large amount of mosaic art makes people linger. In the small hall next to the mausoleum, there are some art, clocks, swords, etc. sent by the French, reflecting the historical trend of the king and the country at that time. You can buy a package ticket with the Hue Palace, which is cheaper than visiting it alone.
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icqpupNot to mention the Meridian Gate of the Hue Palace, except for the size of the Meridian Gate, it looks almost the same as the Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City in Beijing. It lacks majesty and oppression and is very compact. The Meridian Gate faces the Big Banner Tower, and the ticket gate is located at a side gate of the Meridian Gate, facing the Hall of Supreme Harmony. The best photography angle is diagonally opposite the moat. The moat reflects the reflection of the Meridian Gate, which is very beautiful.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼The blue Austin sedan with the license plate number DBA-599, which is now stored at Lingma Temple in Hue, was the vehicle that carried Shi Guangde to Ho Chi Minh’s self-immolation. After stepping out of the car, Master Shi Guangde went to the middle of the road and sat down. The assistant poured five gallons of gasoline on Shi Guangde, who was chanting Buddha's name righteously, and then set it alight. The believers regard it as the sacred heart and call it Guangde Bodhisattva. This period of history can be slightly revealed here.
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_FB***12Beautiful brigde and river. You can smiply walking with your girlfriend to enjoy the fresh air of Hue

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