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Ferris Wheel
Guangzhou Tower Ferris WheelNearby City

Guangzhou Tower Ferris Wheel

4.6/51209 Reviews
"Ferris Wheel"
Ranked #20 in Guangzhou Can't Miss Attractions
Open on Tue-Sun,10:00am-10:30pm;Open on Mon,3:00pm-10:30pm (Local time)
"What would it be like to overlook the entire Zhujiang New Town at an altitude of 460 meters? I think this is the answer that everyone who comes to Guangzhou for tourism or grows up in Guangzhou wants to know. There is a place where everyone can complete such an idea at an altitude of 460 meters, that is, the highest floor of the Guangzhou Tower, the 460-meter Ferris wheel. Friends who are afraid of heights may worry about the safety here, but if you fully believe in the current development of science and technology, everyone can sit on the Ferris wheel with complete peace of mind and spin in parallel. This is also the special index of this Ferris wheel, it does not rotate vertically like other Ferris wheels. This parallel rotation allows you to have a 360-degree angle without dead ends to appreciate the entire Pearl River New Town, including the beauty of the Pearl River. I need to remind everyone of the following points: 1. Don't choose to come here on weekends, there will be a lot of people on weekends, and everyone will queue for a long time. 2. During the visit, it is best not to walk back and forth, or long jump, after all, the small Ferris wheel still has its own endurance. 3. Friends who like to shoot night scenes can choose to come up in the evening, so that you can take pictures of the sunset and night scenes, reflecting different feelings."