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Xiangtoushan Leigong Xiapiaoliu

Xiangtoushan Leigong Xiapiaoliu

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Open from 01/01-12/31,8:30am-6:00pm (Local time)
"The rafting of Leigongxia in Huizhou was established in 2006 with the approval of Guangdong Provincial Government. The aim of the rafting was to develop the original ecotourism scenic spot with local characteristics. Sightseeing in a large integrated ecotourism area (Leigong Gorge Drifting Scenic Area). The scenic area is convenient transportation, the high-speed connect Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Shenzhen, Heyuan, Shantou and other cities. The whole rafting course of Leigong Gorge in Xiangtou Mountain is about 4.5 km long, the rafting time is about 2 hours, the rafting channel of design and construction by professional construction companies is nearly 100 meters, and the size of the channel is more than ten places. The entrance of the canyon has a medium and small reservoir with a capacity of 3 million cubic meters. The water is good, the water quantity is sufficient, sometimes run straight down, the rapids, sometimes the gyro-valley, the mind is relaxed. The river course drifting through more than 20 natural landscape. Along the way, the ten-li bamboo corridors help the wind to cover, the high content of the negative ion valley air fresh, clear streams radiate natural spirit, let people in the fairyland general, will let you experience "passing passion, fairyland free travel" unique charm. Leigongxia rafting scenic spot is located in the famous Huizhou Xiangtou Forest Park in Boluo Taimei town, the Xiangtou Mountain Forest Park scenic spot in the group of peaks, clouds and mist around, the valley of the puerile rock, the god stone of the fairy wall, strange flowers and trees, rare birds and beasts, since the Song Dynasty attracted countless visitors to see. After arrival, participate in the rafting project. The source of Leigong Gorge rafting in the elephant head mountain originated from Shangyu Reservoir, is a comprehensive rafting scenic spot integrating sightseeing, entertainment and rafting exploration. The whole rafting process is about 4.5 km, the rafting time is about 2 hours, and the bamboo corridor is covered with winds 10 miles along the way. The stone stars of the canyon are interesting and form a unique natural landscape. Drifting canyon drops nearly 100 meters, along the way through sister pool, Erlong Beach, Star Gorge, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Bat Cave, Cactus feet, Cuizhu forest and more than 20 natural landscapes."