Inyo County
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Things To Do in Inyo County

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National Park
Chameisha Nolleywe had a blast the mirage hotel was everything we thought it would be! Vegas is our home away from home!
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Historical Site
匿小神The best place to see the stars is checking how to sleep.
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SUKI LIAOIt’s barren, like the Taklimakan Desert in China, it’s inexhaustible. The temperature difference is big and it’s very dry. There are traces of previous pioneers in the desert. The strangely shaped dead trees are a bit scary at night, but they are also a good film. local.
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158***60This place is worth seeing, in the Owens Valley. It is said that this place was completely dried up because of the interception of water channels, and became a saline-alkali land. The summer used to be extremely hot. For a short stay
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SUKI LIAOThe Badwater Basin in Death Valley is 282 feet (86 meters) below sea level and is the lowest point in North America. It is a pile of mud and rock salt layers. There is a mystery that large rocks move slowly on their own.
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越来越美For the dual enjoyment of camping and photography, come to Alaba Mountain. On this mountain, she has the most rocks there. When I went there, I rented an off-road vehicle with a friend because I heard about the road there. It’s very difficult to walk. As expected, when we drive there, the roads there are covered with small stones. As we walk, we can see small hills piled up with large and small stones. You can also see weird-shaped rocks on this mountain, but she doesn’t have any trees on this mountain. Instead, he has only some small bushes, and there are really no animals in this place. But for people like me who like rock climbing In other words, this is really a great place. When I went, I brought climbing equipment and camping equipment. I was going to spend the night here. I was there in the morning, and then I went to my camp. I woke up at night and saw the starry sky outside. It was really beautiful. Fortunately, I brought a camera, so I didn’t sleep all night and I was there to take pictures of the sky. The stars there were really special the next morning. I drove my off-road vehicle back early. Although full of dismay, it was really a bit cold in the morning. If I come to this place again, I will definitely stay here for a few more days. Address: USA, CA, Lone Pine, tickets: free

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BishopInyo County,United States

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Natural BridgeInyo County,United States

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Alabama HillsInyo County,United States

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Harmony Borax WorksInyo County,United States

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Manzanar National Historic Site Visitor CenterInyo County,United States

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Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor CenterInyo County,United States

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