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Popular Attractions in Iran

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque
105 Reviews
Goade-e-Araban Place | Located at the district of Gowad-e-Arabān, Near Šāh Čerāq Mosque, Shiraz 71364, Iran
National Museum of Iran
123 Reviews
Founded in 1916, the National Museum of Iran is the larger archaeological and historical museum in Iran. At present, the museum consists of two single buildings, one is the ancient Iranian museum opened in 1938. The highlight of the museum is a replica of the famous Khan Murabi Code, the original collection is now in Paris. The other is the Islamic History Museum, which opened in 1996. The exhibits include 13 parts related to Islamic history, cultural relics, stamps, coins, and research results related to Iranian art history.
Golestan Palace
82 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Arq Suquare, Tehran 11369, Iran
101 Reviews
Historical Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Persepolis, Fars

Trip Moments

Irans Mehr News Agency reported on June 29 that the Iranian government announced on the same day that it would impose a visa-free entry policy for Chinese tourists. This mysterious ancient country of Persia, there are too many beautiful scenery, civilization and hospitable Iranians, it is worth traveling. Specially compiled a TIPS:
About Iran's practical strategy classification
1, on dress requirements, especially women
Iran is a country of politics and religion, women must go out to wrap the headscarf, clothes Need to cover the buttocks, long sleeves, trousers. In Tehran and Tabriz, it is much stricter. Almost in Tabriz, the headscarf is dark, not colorful. As a female tourist, sometimes accidentally outside, lost a headscarf, there will be a passerby reminder.
For men, short sleeves can be worn, but the length of the shorts above the knee is not acceptable.

2, about changing money
In Iran, you cannot use a bank debit card, credit card or traveler's cheque, you need to prepare for foreign currency exchange.
Currently Iran accepts exchanges for US dollars, HKD, British pounds, Euros and other currencies.
Regarding the exchange rate of each currency, cici has something to say -
Since 2017, Iran accepts RMB exchange, and the exchange rate is very good. Tehran Airport exchanges on the second floor.
Other places, there is a street outside the Imam Square in Isfahan. There are many hawkers who will exchange money. The US dollar exchange rate is second to none. Then it is the euro...

3. About the calling card
The fastest and cheapest card in Iran is the Ircell sim card, which is equivalent to China Unicom. It is said that there is a 4G network, but the Iranian network really does not dare to compliment, 3G is very good, basically in the desert area of the road is no service!
The company's SIM card is sold at both ends of the 1st floor exit of Tehran Airport, which is the same price as the city. It is more convenient to handle at the airport. The
package is distributed as follows -
1.5G - 160,000 riyals
3G - 310,000 riyals
5G - 46,000 riyals
Normal - 10 million riyals

4. Regarding the choice of VPN
Yes, due to US sanctions and Irans own network restrictions, it is very troublesome for Internet exchange. In the early years, even Facebook could not go on. Last year, Iran had lifted the ban. But for WeChat in mainland China, I dont know why, it has always been a trouble. If you don't use VPN, WeChat can't make friends, send pictures, and even use the wind.
1 is recommended here - fast sail.

5, the best 2 Persian
hello-salm, (saran)
thank you-mamnun, (mamanu)

hospitable Iranians, splendid Persian culture and history, good-looking Persian children are also the reasons that attracted me. If you don't leave, the world is only as big as you see it, and it is just a world of hearsay.
Posted: 1 Jul 2019
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