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Istanbul's lifeline: boat tour Bosphorus detailed Bosphorus, then a mouthwash name, but people who have visited here, but always keep it in mind, and With a mouthful of words, I will come back next time. It is like a witness in a wedding hall, witnessing the perfect combination of Europe and Asia. Witnessed their historical changes and witnessed their soft extradition of tradition and modernity. The Turks have said that they have not been to Turkey since they have been to Istanbul. I have not seen Istanbul since I have not seen the beauty of the Bosphorus. On the strait, the last second I saw the luxurious and luxurious palace, which was attracted by the traditional huts listed as World Heritage in the last second. The people in the last minute were still in Europe, and the next minute came. Asia is leisurely. Why choose the Bosphorus? The Bosphorus is 30 kilometers long and is a natural strait formed by the millennium crustal movement. It is the only way to enter the Black Sea, and it is also the dividing line between Eurasia, making Istanbul the only city across Eurasia. The best way to travel the strait: In addition to its special location, it is also a place for people to entertain. The best way to swim the strait is to take a cruise. Regular cruise tickets are also very cheap, ranging from 12 to 15 lire, starting at the pier, and the journey takes about 1.5 hours. From the pier to the direction of the Black Sea, walking along the shores of the coast, the deep blue waters rise and fall, the size of the boat either parked or shuttled. With the flight of seagulls, the palaces, mosques, villas of the rich, and fishermen who are leisurely fishing can also cross the two Eurasian bridges to see the city. Break into the carriage island - Prince Island Recommended reason: a villa is covered with a cluster of bougainvillea and oleander, the road can be seen everywhere The stray cat, two people stop and go, feel the quiet holiday time on Prince Island. The Prince Island is called Prince Island because it used to be the place where the princes were exiled during the Byzantine period. Now it is the place where the rich live. There are three ways to visit the island: riding a carriage, cycling, walking, sitting Carriage, riding a carriage is the most convenient and labor-saving way, the price of a carriage is 50 lire, the whole journey is 40 minutes. arrival mode
The mosques in Istanbul are really beautiful, and almost all have a long history and are well preserved.
Istanbul, Turkey is really the city I have ever seen to love cats. I feel that every one is happy here.
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