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Tuscany is a central region of Italy. Tuscany has always been the soul of Italy and is known as the most beautiful part of Italy. Tuscany is a palette of nature that changes the colors of the four seasons. Tuscany is truly picturesque. I stand in front of the landscape and can see the undulating terrain of Tuscany. Although not very typical, it is still beautiful. A lot of people are sitting here in a daze, waiting for a few hours.
Posted: 8 Jan 2019
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Cinque Terre
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2019 First Travel Pic
What's in my suitcase? Practical and concave style travel good written in front: Everyone knows that I like to take beautiful photos every time I go out, but every time the most headache is how to bring Baggage? With so many years of travel experience, I have summed up some must-have concave styling props and good things to share with you: [concave modeling essential props] 1. skirt skirt, is the most travel in summer A good piece, it is recommended to bring a skirt with different colors and styles. When you take a photo, you will come out with different styles, and the skirt itself is very light, which can make more space for the suitcase. Skirt reference: 1, floral dress (just the right color, release) 2, Otaru new solid color dress (if you go to Japan or the street is relatively quiet, solid color The skirt is very quiet and literary) 3, strap dress (age reduction, suitable for amusement park or sports venue) 4, half skirt (free with t-shirt is very nice look) 2 Good to wear shoes: I will definitely bring a pair of shoes that I like very much and wear well. It is not necessarily used for matching. Traveling outside, most afraid of a pair of shoes that are not fit. Although the hole shoes are not very good looking, they are really good to walk and very light, and will not burden the luggage. 3. Hat: Hat is a very important item. Apart from being inconvenient to carry, there are no shortcomings, so we must leave a bag and put a hat on it. How do I choose the hat: 1, choose a softer Lafite for the big hat, choose the light color as much as possible, and the sunshade can match. 2, the hat with the color of the clothes is really quite a dangling age, go to the amusement park and the like must enter 3, short hat, this kind of hat with shirts and the like will be very Look good, but it's important to note that it takes a whole day to take off the hair and it will be frustrating. 4. Sunglasses: Whether it is summer tropical or snowy mountains in winter, sunglasses are both tools and concave shapes. Well, try to choose an exaggerated style, and choose a richer color. 5.ins wind portable water bottle I am now towel / toothbrush / hot water / must be brought by myself, I recently loved to bring out the hot water of the door, the photo is very ins wind, it is that Kind of insulation cup material, I really do not like the silicone material to burn a lot of taste, even my backpack can be put down and put the Li box more stress-free, and it can meet the global voltage, bring out the country can ~ 6. High-value luggage: Because we travel with a camera, hat, kettle, and change clothes, it is really necessary to bring a small suitcase. This rimowa suitcase is very convenient to open and close, the size can be put on the plane, I will put all the usual things inside. You look at my photos, push the suitcase to a concave shape, and the advanced is the visual sense. summary: ~The above is what I will bring with my travels~ I have tried many times and it is very practical. I hope that everyone can be beautiful in the tourism, but the most important thing is to pay attention to safety~
Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
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