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About Japan

Japan, a country for all seasons, offers something for everyone. Spring cherry blossoms, summer fireworks, autumn foliage, winter skiing…you will find it all and more in Japan. The cherry blossoms sweep across the country from Okinawa to Hokkaido and the Japanese talk about chasing the bloom northwards. Fall’s colors emerge in reverse, running south as temperatures cool. In summer, spectacular fireworks displays illuminate skies throughout the country. Hokkaido is a winter wonderland with plenty of ice and snow festivals, romantic glassworks in Otaru, and steam trains coated in winter’s blanket. You can surly enjoy the fun of winter in Japan.

Popular Cities

Popular Attractions in Japan

Tokyo Disneyland
7,072 Reviews
Parent-child tour
Theme Park
Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney amusement theme park built outside the United States. Opened in 1983, it has since been incorporated into the larger and expanded Tokyo Disney Resort, which includes an additional theme park called Tokyo DisneySea, and several hotels. Typical for Disney parks, there are seven “themed” areas containing various rides and entertainment offerings. Recently the park has sought in incorporate distinctly Japanese characteristics into classic Disney stories. Given its popularity, Tokyo Disneyland is a fun and exciting destination for people of all ages.
3,440 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Ginza is a popular upscale shopping area of Tokyo, with numerous internationally renowned department stores, boutiques, restaurants, and coffeehouses located here. It is considered one of the most expensive, elegant, and luxurious places in the world. Each weekend, the area’s main road is closed to motorized traffic and converted to a pedestrian thoroughfare. Among Tokyo’s shopping districts, Ginza boasts the highest concentration of Western brands. The area’s reputation for trendsetting extends back to the Meiji Restoration when it was proclaimed a “model of modernization.” Visiting Ginza is practically a must.
4,542 Reviews
Historical Site
One of Tokyo’s oldest and most significant Buddhist temples, Senso-ji is located in the city’s Asakusa District. Dedicated to the Bodhisattva of compassion, the first temple was founded as far back as 645 CE. Destroyed during World War II, Senso-ji was eventually rebuilt and stands now as a symbol of rebirth and peace. Many small shops line the main street approaching the temple. It is a popular area for tourists and among the more well-known parts of Tokyo. Each spring a grand festival is held in and around Senso-ji. Over the course of a few days upwards of 2 million people visit the temple complex.
Tokyo Tower
3,388 Reviews
Parent-child tour
Observation Deck
Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower located in the city's Minato ward. Frequently appearing in film and television, it is an icon on the Tokyo skyline. Two observation decks afford visitors the chance to snap breathtaking pictures, while the tower’s lower levels host a number of restaurants, shops, and museums. Completed in 1958, Tokyo Tower’s lattice design was closely inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris. When lit up after dark, Tokyo Tower makes for an impressive background in any photo.


Japan: A Traveler's Guide to Tokyo and Kyoto
Traditional Culture
Skyline Views
Even Tokyo where neon lights cast futuristic shadows and digital billboards advertise the latest gadgets, even there you will find Japan’s classic character. Restaurants with exquisite handwritten menus, kimono-wearing shoppers searching for festival gifts, historic facades tucked amongst steel and glass. All of this comes together to create modern Japan. See where ancient opera still graces the stage, where flower festivals and tea ceremonies are enthusiastically passed down through the generations, and where the new world blends seamlessly into the old.
Opps-Snow   13 May 2019

Trip Moments

The "food kingdom" headed by Hokkaido, whether it is a snack or a dinner, as long as you see a plan you want to eat ~ high energy ahead, the hungry are cautious. How can sushi sushi satisfy the Japanese who love seafood? Of course, you need to increase the version of seafood rice! Due to the excellent location of Hokkaido, the most important thing is seafood ingredients. There are many fish and shellfish. The most important thing is fresh! The food that can be enjoyed in all seasons is naturally more popular. A bowl full of seafood is served with rice. The price is unexpectedly cheap. Just want to say how good a bowl is! The dinner package at Hokkaido Toyako Hotel is very rich, with fresh sashimi, caviar rice, sushi combination and dessert. Yida Zhengzong Temple Cake Matcha & Fine Pastry These two must be paired together to be the perfect taste. First, eat sweet and soft cakes, slightly stick your teeth, and taste the bitter and fragrant matcha, it is delicious. Address: Reservations are required for the hills tea ceremony and meditation of the peak. Hokkaido Otaru Ridong Bridge Sushi Restaurant Guests who have tried their hand-picked sushi will be delighted by the selection of their home and the deliciousness of sushi. It is no exaggeration to say that this store is the best sushi of Otaru. Every sushi, craftsmen will choose a variety of delicious food utensils, while eating sushi, in addition to satisfying your taste, but also to meet your vision! Dharma Genghis Khan barbecue shop Japanese almost does not eat lamb, so Hokkaido has become the only place in Japan that has the tradition of eating lamb. Bake the mutton and vegetables together, add a special sauce, while the barbecue, the mutton soup will flow into the surrounding vegetables along the iron stove, do not have a flavor. Sapporo Ramen Yokocho Street: The Sapporo Ramen, which has a place in Japan's Three Ramen Noodles, is the favorite dish of the people here. The small noodle restaurant is spread all over the streets and the most famous is the Ramen Street of Yokohama. . There is an ultra-narrow alley in the center of Sapporo, only about 50 or 60 meters, and only two people can walk side by side. This alley is the legendary Ramen noodles, and there are 16 ramen noodles on both sides of the street. Each has its own recipe for soup recipes. There are a total of 20 small shops here. Every family has their own characteristics. When you walk, you will see people. There are three seats for the family. There is a small room for you. The store is small and can accommodate 10 people. Individuals eat around, and people are stunned. How can you get too big, fresh and delicious seafood? All kinds of shells, all kinds of sashimi, all kinds of seafood, are you ready for your stomach? Store: Haishu (Asty shop)
Posted: 30 Dec 2015
In the winter to the Japanese hot springs, don't miss the century-old historic hot spring hotel and authentic winter cuisine in the Northeast. Zhangwanglianfeng, located at the junction of Miyagi Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture, has a long history of the first hot springs. The "one of the soup masters" is an old shop hot spring hotel that opened its doors from the time when the hot springs were opened. The old building has a history of more than 600 years and has been included in the Japanese tangible cultural wealth. Guests who live in the "one of the soup masters" can enjoy dinner in this old building. The lamps used in the restaurant are hand-made by Tengman and are filled with an ancient atmosphere. Because of the back of the forest, the dinner has a very romantic name: Mori dinner, my set is called "Boiled Moon", very poetic. From pre-dinner to snacks, there are a total of ten dishes. The ingredients are the most seasonal ingredients with the local characteristics. The chef of Tang Master uses the natural ingredients in the depths of the Tibetan King to create a poetic feast. The Meguro Onsen in Miyagi Prefecture is not to be missed. The "Immediate" is also one of the member hot spring hotels of the Japan Secret Soup Association. "I don't forget the pavilion" is not only famous for its hot springs, but the food is still recommended by Michelin. The hotel restaurant offers top-quality banquet dishes, and the ingredients are also locally sourced, each dish is very elegant. It is worth mentioning that the not forgetting the cabinet uses antiques that are very chronological, and are themselves artworks.
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