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Jeju Island

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Popular Attractions in Jeju Island

Dragon Head Rock
2,483 Reviews
Geological Sites
Seated in the seaside of Yongdam-dong in the center of Jeju, the Dragon Head Rock is shaped like a dragon from mythology. It was formed in the sea from lava that erupted from the crater of Hallasan, and looks like a dragon's head. The part of the Dragon Head Rock above the sea surface is more than 10 meters high, and the part under the sea is about 30 meters. Not far from here is the Dragon Pool. The scenery surrounding the Dragon Head Rock at the full moon is highly praised.
Hallasan National Park
1,004 Reviews
The majestic Hallasan Mountain is located in the center of Jeju Island. It was said to be high enough to touch the Milky Way. The park contains a wide range of rare flora and fauna and geological formations. It was designated as a national park in 1970 and is surrounded by hundreds of volcanoes.
Nuwemaru Street
452 Reviews
Featured Neighbourhood
Baojian Street was previously known as Baozen Street, and before that Rodeo Street. When China and South Korea marked the 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations in 2011, the Baojian Group took 10,000 people to Seoul and Jeju on group tours, so the director of Korea Tourism Organization renamed the road in the business center of Jeju as Baojian Street to commemorate China and South Korea's friendship. Home to shopping malls, leisure facilities and restaurants, Baojian Street is a new business center in Jeju.
Jeju Love Land
247 Reviews
Jeju Love Land is designed by sculpture novices and middle-aged designers. It is a sculpture theme park opened to the public on November 16, 2004. It covers a large area and exhibits nearly 100 pieces of outdoor artwork. The indoor art gallery preserves about 40 sculptures. The park itself is a giant work of art.

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Trip Moments

We climbed Hanshan on the last day of Jeju, and didn't want to be particularly tired. We didn't choose to climb the top line, but chose the Ling Room and Yulimu, which are said to have good scenery. The two lines sheltered all the intersections in Weishouyue, so one went up the mountain and one down the mountain, and did not go back. When going to Jeju, the weather has been bad. Mountain climbing is no exception. When it goes into the mountains, it is cloudy. As the altitude rises, the fog is very big. All the "attractions" are completely invisible. When it comes to the mighty and even the next It was raining heavily, and it was only slightly clear when going down the mountain, so to tell the truth, apart from climbing the mountain, I really didnt see the beautiful scenery, but according to the photos on the scenic spots along the way, this route should still be highly recommended (provided that I dont want to To the top). Because the scenery changed very much along the way, the spirit room began to go up the mountain is a mountain path, there are wild flowers and small streams, cool and humid; followed by a steep slope, climbing along the cliffs (but all stone steps, although tired, but absolutely Safety), the scenery here has become a cliff, peaks and peaks, as if there are waterfalls, but even when the weather is good, often fogging, whether you can see the most beautiful scenery depends on luck; down the mountain into the Yulimu line There will be a very gentle area, which makes people seem to forget that they are in the middle of the mountain, but like the vast grassland scenery, suddenly open. So in general, the two combined lines will bring a lot of surprises to the scenery.
Posted: 23 Dec 2018
Targeted a home cooking in the Dongmen market. Eating a seafood pot, this is certainly not the most famous restaurant, but the personal feeling is also very rich. Full of pots of seafood, shrimp, crab, crayfish, snails, abalone, and green mouth, with mixed vegetables, sweet and nutritious. The soup base is broth, the soup has spicy sauce and miso, which is not spicy at first, the spicy taste is more and more concentrated, and the seafood taste slowly blends into the gradual warming soup. Some people mentioned that the seafood pot in Jeju will throw the fresh octopus in the hot pot and cook it in front of the guests. Our cruel "killing" is solved in the kitchen, and it is a hot soup that can be eaten. . The crayfish shell in the pot is very hard, and the meat is very elastic. It is very different from the domestic ones. The hot soup is served with rice, the seafood is kimchi, and the mouth is hot. Jeju Island's octopus is famous for its big and fresh, and the fish skin in the market is bright and shiny, and it hurts people. The fish is thick and wide, and the big girl has a wide hand. It is said that because of the relationship between water quality, only Jeju Island has such a large octopus, so it is very famous and famous in Jeju Island. The two grilled octopus in this shop will cost 20,000 won, and there will be a bitter pain at first. However, if you take a bite, you will find it worthwhile. The slightly tender fish skin is crispy. The fish inside is very fresh, not garlic. It is the kind. Pork-like pork, the fish itself is salty with sea water, and it feels like it is only seasoned with coarse salt. Its the first time that you eat fish and eat it like red meat.
Posted: 11 Dec 2018

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