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Hagia Maria Sion Abbey

Hagia Maria Sion Abbey

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"Churches and Cathedrals"
Ranked #19 in Jerusalem Can't Miss Attractions
"There have always been two versions of the place of the Virgin Mary’s resting place. One is in the basement of the Dormition Cathedral in Jerusalem, Israel, and the other is in Ephesus, Turkey. Not far from the Kasimani Garden, there is a tomb (church) of the Virgin Mary. The Orthodox Church believes that Mary will be buried after the Dormition of the Virgin and ascended to heaven three days later. Catholicism believes that after Mary fell asleep, her soul and body were taken away by the Lord and called to heaven. The Church of the Dormition in Jerusalem is located on Mount Zion. When Kaiser Wilhelm II came to Jesus Salem to worship the Church of the Savior in 1898, he spent a lot of money to buy this place from the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II. It has long been said that it was the place where the Virgin was sleeping. In 1899, the architect Leonard discovered the remains of the Byzantine church here, so he designed and built the church here. The architectural style of the Dormition Church is very special, with a blue cone-shaped roof, surrounded by four small towers, and a high bell tower next to it. The light from the windows above and below the tall vault gently shines into the church. The mosaic above the altar shows the Virgin and Child Jesus. The altar is surrounded by six round arches on the left and right of the six altars. The inner walls of the round arches are painted with golden mosaics, depicting the family of Jesus, the bishop and many saints. A spiral staircase leads to the underground church. In the center of the underground church is the place to commemorate the death of the Virgin Mary. The statue of the Virgin Mary sleeping peacefully is placed in ivory and cherry wood. The bottom floor is surrounded by small altars, which are simple and solemn."