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Things To Do in Jiashan

11,597 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
E40***53The bus from Shanghai South Bus Station took about an hour and it takes you right to the scenic area. Hotels can get you a discount on the entrance ticket price. Easy to get lost wandering around the narrow walkways. So many shops and tons of food to choose from. Good for a day trip from Shanghai or a quick weekend getaway.
1,426 Reviews
天堂小子Great views, overall amazing, fun and fun, big place, good views, can take a small train, can visit the chocolate factory, can experience handmade chocolate, knowledge is fun, and this brand of chocolate is really delicious, bought a lot of by the way.
1,147 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
甜甜圈好甜Because of the epidemic, I can't go to the outside to travel, see the evaluation came here, go to a good place that will not regret, tulip 🌷 has been opened, there is a light show, soaking in hot springs is too comfortable, all kinds of pools can't call a name, there are a lot of people coming today, waiter Li Yingpeng is warm and thoughtful service, Such a good service attitude. Was not a bad person in the scenic area!
322 Reviews
_We***65The weather is good, come here with friends, take pictures is still good, the service staff are very simple, good, now the tulip is quite beautiful, look forward to the cherry blossoms, is still a place worth visiting!
1,253 Reviews
Historical Architecture
_We***67First of all, the Xitang snack city should not go, things are expensive and taste bad, and! ! ! Not fresh! ! ! So the bosses inside are super enthusiastic. Personal blood spat the second is to book a room on the Internet must choose close to the river, definitely! ! ! Of course there are accommodations on the main road, but there is no riverside to enjoy the view. Personal suggestion third, don't buy food on the main road. The restaurant near the river is at least as cheap as the main road 5 yuan ~ 10 yuan. Personal suggestion, please refer to the restaurant food near the river with domestic alpaca. It is also OK. Everyone recommends a restaurant called seven tables. It is also OK. It's very affordable. The night is very lively, the bar is a street door station is a male waiter, a little scary, but the night view is really beautiful. The alley where no one gets up early is also beautiful, the river is beautiful, the lantern is beautiful, very beautiful! ! ! Book a homestay in advance and the boss can save you dozens of dollars by taking you in.
140 Reviews
西溪老翁Zuiyuan • Xitang drunk garden, because the name of Wangzhai "Zuijingtang", originally built in Ming, original five, existing four, there are ancient brick flower beds and rare micro-brick arch bridge in Jiangnan. Take a step to tour, pool stone, corridors, green bamboo, show drunk. It is said that the meaning of drunken garden has three layers: one is drunken reading books because of "drunken jingtang"; the other is drunken scenery in the garden; the third is intoxicated in print art.

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West ParkJiaxing,China

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Shipi LaneJiaxing,China

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Liren HarborJiaxing,China

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Luoqi Yuanchuang Book HouseJiaxing,China

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Biyun (Jade Cloud) Flower Ocean PlantationJiaxing,China

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Wuyin BridgeJiaxing,China

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About Jiashan

Jiashan is located in the northeastern part of Zhejiang Province, the intersection of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Jiashan has a flat terrain and is a typical Jiangnan water town. The ancient town of Xitang is a famous attraction here. The architecture of Xitang retains the classical style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is a very elegant town that enjoys the natural scenic backdrop of water. Jiashan also has tourist attractions such as Wuzhen Memorial Hall and Gefeisong Chocolate Town, which are full of cultural spirit and atmosphere.

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