Trip Moments

Port of Keelung
Heping Island Park
Mushroom Jun's Asian travel Taiwan, Keelung Relative to the overcrowded wild willow, Peace Island with similar landforms has more of a sense of human history. This small outlying island, as the gateway to Keelung Port, has been guarded for more than 400 years. Geographically speaking, Peace Island can be divided into left and right sides. On the left is a seawater swimming pool (reconstructed from a nine-hole abalone farm). It is the best choice for the entire Taipei area to reach the seaside in 30 minutes. On the right is a unique landform such as a million people, a word hole, a tofu rock, a scorpion stone, etc. This is also the most anticipated part of Keelung. The sedimentary rocks and sandstones are cut by the northeast monsoon of nature, forming a unique tofu rock and mushroom head landform. A group of photographers watched the ebb tide of the Peace Island tofu rock and photographed a rare sunrise. The photo was discovered by CNN of the American Chinese website. It was shocked as a man of heaven and jumped into one of the most beautiful sunrise observation points in the world. Entering the Alabao Secret to see the tofu rock, you need to watch the tide time. In the summer, two o'clock in the afternoon and two o'clock in the morning are two ebb tide times. This space can walk along the path all the way into the sea. For reasons of safety and environmental protection, the Alabama secret is now conserved by the government. The re-repaired mystery will reappear in front of the world in the form of intertidal bio-protection, regaining the balance between humans and the ocean.