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About Jinan

Jinan has its roots as an ancient city with a long history. Because of its many springs, it is called Quancheng, or ‘Spring City.’ Throughout the area of the old city, there are the four spring systems of Baotu, Heihu, Zhenzhu and Wulongtan, which are not to be missed. Not only does Jinan have the warmth of Daming Lake, it also has the mysterious religious location of the Thousand Buddha Mountain. Qilu-style snack shops can also be found along Furong Street.

Popular Attractions in Jinan

Baotu Spring Park
10,959 Reviews
Baotu Spring Park is located in the bustling central district of Ji'nan city. It is a garden with Baotu spring as the main attraction. Having a history of more than 2000 years, The Baotu Spring is well renowned around the world, ranking number one of Ji'nan's 72 Famous Springs. It has been featured in multiple literary works, such as "Baotu Spring" by famous chinese author Lao She. The spectacular scene of spring water errupting out from its three outlets is also a popular attraction among visitors.
Thousand Buddhas Mountain
5,426 Reviews
Thousand Buddhas Mountain lies to the south of downtown Jinan. The mountain, Baotu Spring, and Daming Lake are collectively known as "Jinan's Three Great Scenic Spots." Thousand Buddhas Mountain lies on a branch of Taishan. Despite not being a very high mountain, it has undulating ridges and peaks and luxuriant forests. It derives its name from its many stone-carved Buddhas. You can enter the Wanfo(10,000 Buddhas) Cave to investigate this secret realm of nearly 30,000 carved Buddhas; alternatively, you can go to pray at Xingguo Temple. From the peak you can enjoy picturesque views of the whole of Jinan city.
Daming Lake Scenic Area
5,145 Reviews
Daming Lake Scenic Area is located in the northeast of downtown Jinan, the northern part of the Old Town. It is a park that integrates bodies of water, garden landscape, and ancient architecture. Daming Lake is in the center of the park. Or one could say that the park is built along the lake. Daming Lake is a natural lake. The water source comes from many springs in the city. It has a long history, dating back to the Northern Wei Dynasty. In the park, you can visit the Lao She Memorial. In summer, you can enjoy the lotus blossoms in the garden.
Jinan Fantawild Oriental Heritage
2,421 Reviews
Theme Park
Jinan Fantawild Oriental Heritage is divided into 8 themed areas, including 29 unique amusements and over 1,000 subcategories of cultural activities. A fourth-generation high-tech theme park, the park combines a focus on intangible cultural heritage with cutting-edge technology. Overall, the park focuses on 5,000 of Chinese culture, and it brings together characteristics of various ethnic groups in China. The park provides new interpretations of traditional folk arts through unique shows that have been carefully crafted by teams of experts and that include techniques such as lasers, 3D effects, dioramas, and live performances.

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Trip Moments

When it comes to "Jinan", many people will think of "Baotu Spring" as a conditional reflection. How many people have gone there before? Among the cities with many springs, Baotu Spring is known as the first of Jinan 72 Springs, and Baotu Spring Park has also been rated as a national A-level tourist scenic garden. In addition to the Baotu Spring, there are more than 30 spring pools in the park, and Liuxuquan is one of them. Liuxuquan is named after the many willow trees around it, the bubbles in the springs, the spring flowers and strings, and the perennial "springs are full of butterflies, flying and dancing." The essence of Jinan City seems to be condensed in the spring water of Baotu Spring. Crisp air, and beautiful views, like the spring of Jinan City, it is a long-lasting experience. The spirit of Jinan people seems to be concentrated in the spring water of Baotu Spring.
Posted: 14 Sep 2019
Spring water is the eternal cover of Jinan and the city's aura of Jinan. Baotu Spring and Jinan Qianfo Mountain and Daming Lake are also known as the three famous places in Jinan. Baotu Spring is the first of the "72 Springs" in Jinan. Known as "the world's first spring." There are not many cities in the world with spring water, but the dense springs, excellent water quality, rich history and culture, and the common ownership of one city can only be seen in Jinan. In August 2013, it successfully applied for the national 5A level tourist attraction. According to scientific tests, Baotu Spring Water is in line with national drinking water standards and is ideal natural drinking water that can be directly consumed. I am serious about recommending "Old Jinan Big Bowl Tea" for everyone, for which you don't even need money. After enjoying the leisurely day at the spring, the rich Qilu style and the landscape enjoyed the tea with other people there.
Posted: 21 Dec 2018
Adam Yue   
On a spring morning, walk in the quaint and clean Furong Street, go and stop, and stop to appreciate the Jinan Mingfu City, which has been in existence for more than 600 years. It has witnessed the transformation and evolution of history and witnessed the rise and fall of one dynasty. The historic old town, which has undergone changes in the world and has gradually become vicissitudes, stood in the wind, rain and the sun. The imprint of time did not make it outdated. But the carving of it was more charming and more appealing. In the early morning of April, the sun has been unscrupulously pouring in this small northern city. Clouds spread across the edge of the city in a graceful shape. The wires overhead are intertwined to form a blue sky, and the sun passes through the gaps of the leaves. The mottled shadows are projected on the ground, and the ground is full of scattered fine sunlight.
Posted: 8 Jan 2019
When I arrived in Jinan, I didn't go to Daming Lake. It is located in the northeast of the city center of Jinan and is made up of many springs. When I mention Daming Lake, I think of Xia Yuhe on the shore of Daming Lake. Daming Lake is known as the “Pearl of the Spring City”. The scenery is beautiful. The lake is full of fish, walking along the shore feels like you are walking in a painting. The mountains are dotted with pavilions. The clear sky is like a huge color picture. After entering the gate, take a boat ride to the Li Pavilion in the middle of the lake, where you will take another boat to Tiegongyu where you will disembark. You then walk along the lake towards the Arctic Pavilion, take the ring route to the Laoshe Memorial Hall, and finally return to Daming Lake Road.
Posted: 8 Jan 2019 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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