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Things To Do in Jingjiang

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Theme Park
D26***73A wonderful , fun family day out at this theme park in Changzhou
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悠悠星空Xiangshan Scenic Area is located 15 kilometers west of Zhangjiagang City, with an altitude of 136.6 meters. In the past, many ancient celebrities visited Xiangshan to leave legends and monuments, but today the ancient monuments on the mountain are mostly new. For locals, Xiangshan is more like a park to climb. The road is green and shady, the environment is very good, although the mountain is not high, but the steps are steep, exercise, breathe fresh air, not lost for the weekend outing good place. The main entrance of the scenic spot is at the east end. After entering the door, you can take the scenic car to the top of the mountain. One trip is 10 yuan. If you choose to walk, first see the foot of the mountain by the Piaoxiang Lake, Dark Xiang Lake, Mingxiang Lake composed of landscape, wide view, then the west by the steps to climb the mountain, along the way there are signs indicating the direction, the Tibetan Jundong along the way is more interesting attractions. Even if you reach the top of the mountain, the Leaf Tower, which is 9 stories high, can overlook the countryside below the mountain. The wind blows in and out, very comfortable. The top of Xiangshan is relatively large, there are said to be Su Dongpo wrote the Meihuatang, the big oysters to get water thirst quenching holy pool and other attractions, and there are paid fishing pond, if physical strength, can turn to Xiangshan Temple to see. If you don't want to return to the original road, you can take the driveway, but because there are cars on the road, you need to pay attention to safety.
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小猪罗比Mucheng Park is located on the east side of Binjiang New Town, Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, the east is Xingang City, the south is the Yangtze River, the north is the high-grade highway along the Yangtze River, covering an area of about 4000 mu, including the landscape lake area of about 600 mu. The Binjiang Ecological Gardens can create forest ecological landscape by afforestation, dig lakes for landscape, expand water-friendly space, embody the characteristics of fresh nature and returning to the real, and highlight four elements of "green land, water township, leisure and habitable".
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300***41Mazhou Park is in the south of Jingjiang City Government. It is newly opened as the water street and the Vanke Chenyangli commercial street. Recreation and entertainment are very convenient. There are restaurants and cafes in the park. There are many parking spaces. Shared bicycles are also available. It is very close to the river. You can go shopping
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138***45generally good, not impressive, water, water, land, no mountains, not very scenic.
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JCNit was an amazing experience. its quite a large park to walk around in, with many animals to see and child friendly amusement rides.. we enjoyed the circus show very much as well.

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The Mount Gu Scenic AreaTaizhou,China

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Mazhou ParkTaizhou,China

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Jingjiang People's Park (Northwest Gate)Taizhou,China

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Mucheng ParkTaizhou,China

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Gushansi (Southwest Gate)Taizhou,China

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About Jingjiang

Jingjiang is a booming industrial city and port situated in the south of Jiangsu province on the northern banks of the Yangzte River. It is home to numerous shipyards – the shipbuilding industry is one of the city's most important industries. Popular attractions include Yue Temple, the Bell Tower, Lonely Hill (孤山), Four-eyed Well (四眼井), Kuixing Pagoda (魁星阁), the Song dynasty academy Mazhou (马洲书院), and the former residence of the early 20th Century entrepreneur Liu Guojun.

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