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Anpingxianhe Sceneic AreaNearby City

Anpingxianhe Sceneic Area

4.6/531 Reviews
Ranked #4 in Daxin Amazing Natural Scenery
Open from 1/1-12/31,8:00am-5:30pm (Local time)
"Anping Xianhe Scenic Area is located in Leiping Town, Daxin County, Chongzuo City, named after its location in Anping Village. The cruise ship pier is behind the Luoyue Self-driving Camp. There are many cruise ships parked at the pier. There are only three of us. The cruise ship has been suspended due to the epidemic. There is only one boatman drinking tea at the pier. After inquiry, we paid 300 yuan Price chartered cruise on Anping Xianhe for 70 minutes without interference from other cruise ships. We had a great time. The vegetation coverage on both sides of the Anping Xianhe River was very high. It was the back garden of the Tusi Prefecture government. The boss of the ship explained to us with all his heart and responsibility. We came to the filming locations of the TV series "Hua Xian Bone". Boating on the Heishui River, the scenery moved with the boat, people in the scenery, strange peaks stuck along the way, quiet blue waves, and ancient trees. , The reflection of the green trees on both sides of the river in the clear water, the breeze blowing on the face, it is refreshing. The clear river flows slowly under the boat. Sitting on the cruise boat, you can not only see the emerald green bamboo, but also the villages in the deep green, the green hills in the distance, the blue sky and white clouds. The water here reflects the mountains and mountains. Backed by the river, the green hills and flowing water are a winding gallery here, which is a worthwhile trip. At the end of the cruise, the boss suggested that we drive along the river and walk on land to enjoy the scenery on both sides of the bank. It's a good proposal, and we have another package of beautiful scenery."