Jingxing County
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Things To Do in Jingxing County

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_We***61this mountain was truly breathtaking. I thought it would take four/five hours but was at the top in two hours time. And make sure you have cash on you if you want to take a picture with the horses, buy little things and take the cable carr down (i think it was 25 rmb) . great experience overall!
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_We***24A lot of things are not dare to play, if they dare to play, it is still very good value. Many things to play, but this season there is no scenery. Many things are not dare to play, if they dare to play, it is still very good value. Many things to play, but this season there is no scenery.
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E34***05nice place.My daughter was so happy.I like this city and the zoo👍👍
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Ancient Trail
shuwan2000It is very worthwhile to go. I understand the Jingxing, which is found in Jiusai and Taihang Baxing, and saw the stone roads with more than two thousand years of vicissitudes, rutted trenches with a depth of more than a foot, ancient and primitive gates, and lofty mountains... History and The moment is suddenly clear...
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yjw2000The old name of Baodu Village was Mount Ying, not a village, but the name of a famous mountain. It is located in Luquan District of Shijiazhuang, only 16 kilometers east of Shijiazhuang. It is a tourist attraction that combines natural and cultural landscapes. Baodu Village is a famous mountain and ancient village that integrates history, culture and natural scenery. It is 580 meters above sea level, surrounded by cliffs, and the top is flat and wide. There are 660 acres of fertile farmland and the soil depth is 66 meters. It used to be the ancient battlefield of Han Xin, the Han Huaiyin Marquis, and the blessed place where the famous Taoist Zhang Sanfeng set foot in Chengdao. It has a strange and unique scenery and pleasant scenery. "Peach Blossom Spring" is a strange village in the world. Baoduzhai Mountain is majestic, with only one small intestine path on the north and south slopes. Ascending to the top of the mountain, it suddenly became clear that the country's largest mountaintop gate - Nantianmen, the country's first mountaintop underground stone carving 500 Arhat Hall, the country's largest gold-lacquered mural decorated Hanxin Temple and the Great Wall Wall, etc. The newly opened "Xiyuan-Lianhuashan-Baoduzhai" passenger ropeway is more than 1,800 meters in length. It is the only domestic transit station with no intermediate towers and a fully enclosed shuttle passenger ropeway. The highest suspension is 271 meters and becomes Baodu. A large landscape in the village. Baodu Village was called Mount Qi in ancient times. It was the place where the soldiers "held a banner and looked at the Zhao army from Jiandao Mountain" in the battle of Han Xin against Zhao. It is said that during the Ge Rong Uprising of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the local people carried the calf up to the mountain in order to avoid the war, so the name of the calf was born. The mountains are surrounded by cliffs, the mountain roads are very dangerous, and there are more than 600 acres of arable land on the top of the mountain, so there is a saying among the folks that "hold the calf (calf) up the mountain and raise the large farmland". In fact, there is a record of "Bao Du Shan" in the "Jade Chamber" written during the Jin Dynasty and the Northern Wei Dynasty. "Bao Du" and "Zhai" were connected. At the end of the Jin Dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, Jin Jiang Wuxian stationed troops on the top of the mountain and built a village to fight against the Mongolian army. This way the mountain has the name of "Zhai".
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Theme Park
欣欣妈Very good, it is worth coming again, the zoo ➕ playground plays together, free tickets for over 70 years old, no adult project is to take the child through May 1, the opposite parking lot is charged five yuan a day I can't believe, the price is very high, the price is high,

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The Great WallShijiazhuang,China

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Mt Cangyan Scenic AreaShijiazhuang,China

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Qinhuang Ancient RoadShijiazhuang,China

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Stone VillageShijiazhuang,China

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Dou Wangling PlaygroundShijiazhuang,China

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About Jingxing County

Jingxing County is located in the eastern foothills of the Taihang Mountains on the western border of Hebei where it meets Shanxi. Jingxing has always been “the fifth of the eight passes through the Taihang Mountains and the sixth of the nine strategic positions,” or an important thoroughfare into Hebei, and so has been fought over by military strategists throughout history. Both the famous campaign of General Han Xin (231-196 BCE) in ancient times and the famous Hundred Regiments Offensive in the more recent war against the Japanese were fought in the area around Weishui Town. Famous attractions include Mount Cangyan, Guayun (“Hanging Clouds”) Mountain, and the ancient Qin imperial postal road.

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