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HuangshanjianNearby City


4.4/5229 Reviews
Open from 1/1-12/31,8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"Living in Intercontinental, the hotel has its own boat organization to go to Huangshan Jianyi Island, for 300 yuan per person, including tickets and boat tickets. The cable car on the mountain is at its own cost. After the boat is opened, you can buy the cable car ticket from the staff, 50 yuan to and from, one way can only go to the window to buy. Two boats every day, 9:00 am and 14:00 pm, starting from the hotel dock, gather in the lobby in advance, and be led by the staff to the cruise ship. The guests will use a boat with 22 people, and change the big boat more. You can also travel for 2 people and see a small one. Except for the maritime department, it is basically OK to go out. The hotel's cruise ship is more comfortable, there is no queue for large troops. There is no restroom on the boat and no water is provided. Depart at 9 o'clock, go to Huangshan Jian Pier in 20 minutes, walk a short distance to the cable car station after getting off the boat, and have a small step road to the top. The cable car can reach the top of the mountain in 5 minutes. If you stay at the observation deck for a while, you can get off the cable car or walk down the mountain, but there is not too much scenery to enjoy, walk among the trees. Return to the boat at 10:40, return to the hotel pier at 11 o'clock, the whole trip takes 2 hours. The elderly and children are suitable projects. If it is not convenient to climb the mountain, you can go down the cable car."
Longshan IslandNearby City

Longshan Island

4/5136 Reviews
Open from 8:00am-12:00am (Local time)
"The whole attraction is OK, the scenery is very good, the only dissatisfied place is to take the central cruise ship to the first island. Along the way, the tour guide will buy a joint ticket of 40 yuan to the island. He said that there are five network reds and the old man will be tired when walking and getting off the boat. From the first island to the second island, you can take that kind of hand rowing, and you can reach the water of the Qiandao Lake. When you arrive at the first island, there will be a ticketing point. If you don't buy the tickets later, the result is that everyone is waiting in line to buy tickets, buy the tickets, walk 50 meters or less, just know to fool, Net red punch card point one: is to feed fish, do not buy tickets can pass, feed fish also have to buy fish food alone! Net red punch point 2: It is a few cartoon characters take a photo, there is a branch fountain, and then the boat, there is such a boat, but the staff advised us not to sit, to do this boat must have a lifebuoy, it is very hot inside, let us do the big battery boat next to it, No life jackets! In fact, there is not much road to take a look at it. The net red Zhuangyuan bridge is the bridge after getting off the boat. If you want to go, you can pay 10 yuan for a ticket alone. We need to go through it from this end and then walk back because the point of getting off the boat is the place where we go to the other islands to get on the boat! We must have 7 people, 40 tickets for this money is not worth it!"