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Things To Do in Jintang

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Ancient Settlement
Lxy60The water transportation function of Wufengxi Ancient Town Wharf in the past, because of the advanced transportation, has long lost its transportation function, but Wufengxi still protects the clear stream that has played a huge role in history, so that the majority of tourists can feel and witness The past of Wufengxi Pier. Tickets: Wufengxi Ancient Town is currently free of charge and free to visit. Parking: There are many parking lots in the ancient town, which is very convenient.
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D38***20An excellent trip to see the Pandas. It was extremely busy, and waiting/queueing times to get into the site were over an hour. There are many thrown Pandas and some baby Pandas to see.
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云舒YunshuMarch, myth of the Guanghan earth, Samsung heap six cemeteries of sacrifice craters and reborn, overnight again raised the Chinese people to archaeology. I also put down the heat, back to put down 18 years to Samsung heap memory! The bronze hall was only opened on the day, some cloudy days, empty exhibition hall visitors few, saw the exaggerated long-term bronze mask of a moment, a sudden feeling wrong: big ears, front convex eyes, the big mouth that licks the root of the ear, is alien? This glorious civilization has no written record, as if from the sky, ancient Egyptian civilization, the two rivers civilization said that there is no one, dark light with the docents deep voice, more fog! Out of the exhibition hall, we and a visitor hotly discussed, is it necessary to modify the textbook, the Yellow River civilization center how to connect? After a long walk, we found that the backpacker was still standing in the same place, we also deliberately still not fully feeling, 30 degrees north latitude, how many secrets are unknown?
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Tom84114Yunding Mountain is also called Yunshan, and Mengshan started here today and traveled to it; hence the name "Yunding" afterwards. I got the word Mengshan for myself, because there is no cloud in Mengding Mountain, but there is cloud in Yunding Mountain, so I changed its name to Yunding. 1. Location and transportation: In the deep mountains of Jintang, it can only be reached by car, but it is not convenient; 2. Opening hours: There is no closing time for places without tickets, and you can go there at midnight; 3. Scenery: a part of Longquan Mountain In the mountains, the air must be fresh and the forest coverage is high. You can overlook Jintang County from the mountainside. It is considered first-class among the surrounding scenic spots in Chengdu that do not charge tickets; 4. History: If the mountain is not high, there is a fairy. The reason why Yunding Mountain is not well-known is that no one wrote an article for it. In fact, it is still famous in history. As a barrier against Mongolia in the Song Dynasty, Yunding built a stone city. It is one of the eight important stone cities in Sichuan and Chongqing to resist Mongolian Tarzi. It is as famous as Qiongqing Hechuan Diaoyu Town (the place where Mongolian Mongolian Mongolian brother was killed, where God broke the whip); There is an ancient temple, namely Genting Temple. There is a couplet at the door that is very well written, but I went there in 17 years and I have forgotten it. 5. All in all, it feels interesting to climb the whole journey, it is a low interesting mountain. Its locally produced peaches, the kind with green skin and red inside, are very delicious and cannot be bought in Chengdu; if it accepts tickets, it will be awarded five stars. If it’s free, it’s four stars.
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_CF***73Manhua Manor takes Metro Line 3 to Sanhe Station and takes the bus ⅹ16 to Rapha Residence. It takes a few dozen meters back to the city. There are flowers in all seasons. It is best to take two people for photos. Hawaii beach is a bit interesting, glass paths need not be said, fear of heights of people are best not to go up, adult paradise can let you back to childhood, tulips, peony, lavender you beautiful.
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滇国剑客In Sichuan this place, own "Tianfu country" title, can imagine how beautiful. Pear Valley scenic spot is the world of flowers, but, surrounded by the theme of the flower scenery factors are also beautiful.

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Lihuagou Scenic AreaChengdu,China

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Yunding Stone WallChengdu,China

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Yunding Mountain Scenic Area, JintangChengdu,China

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Huatiang Guangxing Baota Romantic Sakura GardenChengdu,China

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Wufengxi Ancient TownChengdu,China

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Jintang is situated in the west of the Sichuan basin, on the outskirts of Chengdu. The Zhong, Pi and Bei rivers pass through the county. Popular attractions include a Song dynasty military fortress (Yunding Shicheng), Ruiguang Pagoda, Tuojiang Xiaosan Gorge, the ancient town of Wufeng and Sanxue Temple.

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