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Photography Museum of LishuiNearby City

Photography Museum of Lishui

4.4/512 Reviews
Ranked #5 in Lishui Must-Visit Museums
"From the exploration of small hole imaging by ancient Chinese scholars in the fifth century BC, a black box appeared during the European Renaissance in the sixteenth century. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, European researchers studied photosensitive compounds and took the world’s first photos until 1839 On August 19, France announced the invention of photography to the world. Through continuous research and exploration, mankind finally realized the dream of recording images. After the invention of photography, people continued to improve the camera structure, photosensitive materials and photo production technology, and the camera functions continued to improve. The imaging technology has evolved from silver plate method, wet plate method, dry plate method, to film and digital technology. The process greatly reflects the creativity of human wisdom and the endless exploration spirit of science. After the introduction of photography to Lishui, it has experienced different historical periods, from "photographic record" to "artistic creation". The photography culture has been deeply integrated into Lishui, has become a part of people's lives, and has become the golden name card of Lishui city. The exhibition displays the cameras left by the photographers from 1956 to 2002. The number of cameras that cannot be counted carries so many heartwarming moments. I think every piece of warmth at that moment has become precious and scarce. , As a highlight in their lives at that time. Detailed address: Zhejiang Lishui City Photography Museum No.583 Kuocang Road, Liandu District, Lishui City"