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Things To Do in Jishou

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131***93Very good scenic area in Western Hunan, especially the unique karst topography canyon and the four world-first Aizhai super-big suspension bridge, especially shocking, praise China's infrastructure madness, and the international geological circle called the golden nail face ask the roof, especially attracted me, And the hospitality of the original Miao residents here, so that the tour is very happy, satisfied.
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Ancient Settlement
118***20The ancient city of Jishou Ganzhou, with a history of more than 4,200 years, is located on the banks of the Wanrong River in the city of Jishou, capital of the Western Hunan Autonomous Prefecture. The ancient city of Ganzhou is picturesque, surrounded by mountains and barriers, with a small mountain color, and a middle ten-mile basin. The river flows through the city, with green willows and fields of grass. The ancient city is intersected with the Qingshi Street and Lanes, the ancient and ancient residential houses, the Jiangnan Qiju Hujiatang, the Jiufu Hall, the sacred Confucian temple, the eight scenery of Ganzhou, the elaborate "Ganzhou Spring Culture", the Guanyin Pavilion, the ancient ruins of the Great Wall of the South, and other places of interest, Natural scenery and folk culture, ancient poems left by ancient and modern culture ink, manuscripts, paintings, all make the ancient rhyme of dry state still exist, it is endless to dream. It is worth mentioning that the ancient city of Ganzhou or West African material cultural heritage "Grand View Garden", in the ancient city 100 workshops, you can see the outdoor stage stage performance of the intangible cultural heritage, absolutely not a trip.
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tomzhaoJishou Railway Station Square took bus No. 11 directly to the scenic area. The tourist center of the scenic area took the ticket with the mobile phone number to enter the park, watched the performance of Miao Village at 10:30, and then took the 12-yuan scenic bus to visit the Jiulongxi line and watched Liusha Waterfall, then took the 18-yuan scenic bus to tour the Yuquanmen route, watched the Yudai Waterfall and Wentiantai, Jidou Miao Village scenic spots, and then returned to the original road. The whole tour took about 5 hours. The scenic spot has beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and clear waters, fresh air, complete facilities, and the staff are enthusiastic and responsible, courteous, and will visit again if there is a chance.
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Glass Skywalk
红尘留我It is a recommended attraction. The ticket price of 60 yuan is much cheaper than other places. The whole journey is wall-mounted, with cliffs at the foot and mountains in the distance. The end point is close to the Aizhai Bridge, which is amazing!
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Ancient Settlement
MaxSWonderful! This is the fantastic place! I've never seen such charming ancient town in my life! That was interesting step by step study its hidden beauty ,explore the narrow curved streets and meet surprises at every corner. The river side offers spectacular view. Day and night experience is different. Amazing night illumination is transforming this fairy tale land into magic view!
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MaxSThis wonderful and amazing place could not be compared to any other place. This is the world from good fairy tale! Water in the river is cristal clean.The magic view let us stand still for... actually, time disappeared. no matter where to stand, every position opens the magic view.

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About Jishou

Jishou is located in the hinterland of the Wuling Mountains. It is the capital of the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and a county-level city in Hunan Province. The city has a variety of museums and attractions that reflect the history and culture of the Miao people. The famous scenic spots include Dehang, Qianzhou Ancient City, and the Aizhai Extra Large Suspension Bridge. There are three things that you have to see when visiting Jishou. The first is the daily life of the Miao ethnic group, the second is the high gorge waterfalls, and the third is the underground karst caves.

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