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Things To Do in Jixi

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M42***97It's more interesting to hear the explanation. The ancient village, it's best to go in the morning, be quiet, there are fewer tourists, you can walk slowly in the alley and feel the life of the village. The bridge, the running water, the farmland, the dog, is very comfortable. Some commercial development, villagers in the sale of local specialty, dried, dried vegetables, walnut ... also good.
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Ancient Trail
阳台小马Starting from Shanghai, I thought about it for four years. I checked various strategies before leaving, and I have been hesitating about the plan. ① From Jixi to Zhejiang or from Zhejiang to Jixi ② Self-driving or by train and bus ③ One day or one night. After four years, I didn't expect to be a one-man driver. So we must resolve to overcome all difficulties. Due to self-driving, I finally decided to start from Jixi to return to Jixi car plan, only to walk first, after knowing how to cross. Conclusion and Feeling: ① Try to avoid rainy days, but on cloudy days, there are fog and rain in the mountains, you should wear waterproof clothes. ② The scenery is pleasant but not stunning. The main harvest is still "going". It is not difficult for healthy people to travel. There are 1400 steps to the "Jiangnan First Pass" at the entrance. There is an uphill road from the snow hall to the blue sky concave. The other roads are flat. Just pay attention to the uniform speed. Don't be tired. ③ Although there was a record, I didn't stay at the end. It took a total of 9 hours to walk to Blue Sky concave (the best view of Huihang Ancient Road), 8:30-17:30, every classic rest stop on the road has been rested, returned to the station, sports software 40,000 steps, the journey is more than 28 kilometers. ④ In order to achieve the goal of one day back and forth, you stay at the Gudaokou before you travel, book 2 nights, and return to the resident dinner rest. ⑤ The first pass of Jiangnan, which left, returns to the Xiaoyao Valley, the Xiaoyao Valley scenery is the most beautiful in the whole journey, can not be missed. ⑥ There are villages in the ancient road with a lot of fun, and the workday is almost unoperated. Going on the workday, there are almost no tourists in the ancient road, and the experience of loneliness is very good.
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M37***13For those who love landscapes, this is not to be missed. We called a car to go in, and then went down the mountain to take the pick-up in the scenic spot. The driver on the road told us that it was an hour and a half to come out, but we played for more than five hours before we reluctantly came out. There are huge stones, waterfalls, plants of all colors, the water is clear, the small fish is at the bottom of the foot. Indeed, there is nothing in the mountain, there is only the great workmanship of nature, just see if you have a heart to appreciate. Also, such a good ecological environment, remember to go with a garbage bag, do not leave garbage in the scenic area.
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m41***88The natural environment is unique, the western villages and the eastern fields form the natural "Taiji" landscape wonders, and three excellent water mouths in Huizhou "Lion elephants gate, sun and moon when closed, turtles and snakes block water"
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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
roiberadori was there on a rainy day, so it was all my fault i did not check the weather first. make sure you go there on a sunny day or a fair weather. make sure you book in a hotel that is near the bus station. they have their own bus station that goes to certain starting points. the earlier the better because i noticed that even if it was rainy and it was wednesday there were still so many people lining up to go there. do not bring your drone with you. they do no allow drones. they kept my drone in their office. when you reach the starting point (for me it started with Cinguage- i think i forgot) note: Take the cable car even if it is 90 rmb. it will save you time going up. Walking way up is not worth the climb. It took me around 5-6 hours reaching the top. by the way the entrance ticket is 190 rmb. the entrance for walking way up is different. i was walking my way up then suddenly there was a ticket check. i told them nobody asked me to purchase a ticket. they told me there is an office down. i was angry because i have to walk way down again to purchase the ticket from the office. they should not allow or open gates in the office if when you are already there on the top and they ask you for a ticket. what a waste of time. And yeah my journey going to the top started in the temple thingy maybe 930 am i forgot and i reached the top after 3pm... that was crazy walking way up. only very few, maybe less than 10 people were walking up. and i saw lots of people going down. So my suggestion for you is to take the cable car up and if you still have time you can go down walking and see some other spots. Going down walking by the way is 2.5 hours... cable car ride is just 15 minutes...
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Historical Architecture
Famous Residences
酒仙老周It was the Spring Festival that year! Fireworks and firecrackers were set off in the second grade! I went to Shangshufu early in the third day of the junior high school, and if more people bought group tickets, I asked a tour guide for explanation! Really know a lot of things! This time I come here again but the gate is closed. It turns out that the garden has been closed for various reasons after a thousand years! What a pity! No wonder there are no tickets on Ctrip! I look forward to opening again to let more people know Hu's previous stories. [Scenery] [Interesting] [Cost-effective]

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Jixi is situated in the south of Anhui. It is one of the birthplaces of Huizhou culture and is home to numerous historical attractions. Popular destinations include Longchuan Scenic Area, Zhangshan Gorge, Taijihu Village and an ancient Tang dynasty path to Zhejiang province. Many local traditions originate from here, including Anhui cuisine, Anhui inksticks and Hui opera. It is also known as China's silk farming capital. Many famous historical figures were born here, including the scholar Hu Shih, a literary and intellectual avant-garde during the New Thought movement in the early 20th Century, and the Qing dynasty ink master Hu Kaiwen.

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