Jizhou District
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Things To Do in Jizhou District

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Historical Site
格格Huangyaguan Great Wall is the Ming Dynasty Tongzhen Great Wall important pass, but also the only one in the territory of the Guancheng, built in the seven years of TENPO, the Ming Dynasty famous general Qi Jiguang as Tong Zhen Zongbing, once redesigned, brick repair. The Yellow cliff pass is one of the eighteen towers of the castle in the history of Jingzhou City, and is located in the steep mountain of 28km north of Jingzhou ward, Tianjin.
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National Park
格格Limutai natural scenic area is called "Tianjin Arctic", located at the northernmost end of Tianjin, this is the quartz rock peak forest canyon landform, has the natural formation of rock painting ridge, the seams, Wuzhishan, Wanjuan Tianshu and other geological landscape.
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卡纳皮特萨安东尼奥The cave scenic area has a good scenery. The entertainment items inside are very rich. There are natural landscape caves, glass paths, dry skis, water skis, cliff swings, walking thrills, ziplines, karts, time tunnels, koala adventure kingdom amusement parks, etc., and bring children to play in the cave scenic area. The children are all crazy, don't want to go, and sometimes bring the children to continue to come [fun] [price/performance] [view]
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amymarkmaDule Temple is very worth a visit. Everyone has a lot of reviews for the attractions. I mainly talk about the tickets. The combined ticket of 40 yuan for Trip.com is very good value. You can go to four Luzhou attractions. Several attractions are also close. You can visit all the scenic spots in a day. This joint ticket can also be bought at the Dule Temple Ticket Office. 50 yuan per person, if it is children can enjoy half price, there is a promotion at present, is the ID card is not Tianjin city is also half price, so non-Tianjin household registration ID card or buy tickets on site more cost-effective.
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M22***22Jiushan Mountain Natural Scenic Area is located in Xiaying Town, Jixian County, with an altitude of 1078.5 meters, which is the highest peak in Tianjin. Jiushan Mountain is a peak that rises up, directly inserts into the clouds, and surrounded by mountains, such as stars holding the moon. At the top of the mountain can be south of the Emerald Ping Lake, north of Yanshan main peak fog Lingshan, east of Zunhua Jinxing Mountain, west of Pinggu Jinhai Lake.
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格格Jiulongshan National Forest Park is located in the east of the prefecture, the largest mountainous area of Tianjin, the jurisdiction of Kowloon Mountain, Limu Taishan, Huanghuashan three scenic spots. The Jiujo Ridge stands in the deep valleys of the northeast of the park, just like the head of Kowloon, so it is called Kowloon Mountain, 20 kilometers from the county town, the park area of 2,126 hectares.

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