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About Kaifeng

Kaifeng is located in eastern Henan. It is one of China's seven great ancient capitals and a famous historic city. Early during the Northern Song Dynasty this was the economic, cultural and legal center of China. Today it has become known as a bustling international metropolis. The famous scroll painting "Along the River During Qingming Festival" showcases the glory of Kaifeng during its era as the eastern capital of China. The current city of Kaifeng still has an ineffable air of antiquity. When searching for the ancient capital among the ruins and broken tiles, it is easy to find yourself imagining the incredible prosperity the city must have had at the time "Along the River During Qingming Festival" was painted. "Along the River" is far from being the only painting Kaifeng is famous for. The city has also been home over the years to many calligraphers and painters, and is known as a city of refined culture and entertainment. To stroll among the various local academies and theaters is a unique experience in and of itself.

Popular Attractions in Kaifeng

Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden
5,072 Reviews
Theme Park
The Qingming Riverside Landscape Park is a cultural theme park mimicking the famous painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” by Zhang Zeduan in the Song Dynasty. The park brings to life the bustling Bianjing city, capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, and you can see replicas of the famous buildings of that city, including restaurants, tea houses, and pawn shops, among other civilian living facilities. The staff in the garden are all dressed in Song Dynasty clothes and you can experience the fun of Song Dynasty games. Every day, there are many cultural performances, such as “Baogong patrolling the Jinghe River” and “Wangyuan marrying off her daughter”, showcasing the interesting folk traditions of that period.
Kaifeng City Hall Theme Park
5,260 Reviews
Historical Site
Kaifeng City Hall Theme Park is located in Kaifeng City, which is an artificial antique site rebuilt in recent years. The original Kaifeng Prefecture in the Northern Song Dynasty was already destroyed by floods. Travelers can see the interior scenes of the Northern Song Dynasty in the main halls and the conference halls; they can also watch antique performances, such as the “Opening Ceremony” and “Bao Gong Solving a Case”.
Longting Park
2,552 Reviews
City Park
Longting Park presents characteristic Kaifeng history and culture, consisting of three sections including Longting, Yangjiahu, and Panjiahu. Longting appears to be a pavilion, but is rather a temple built on a huge blue-brick base. It used be the site of the imperial palace during the late Liang, late Jin, late Han, late Zhou, Northern Song, and Jin Dynasties. The impressive site features not only ancient monuments, but gorgeous natural scenery. During the fall, this is the site of the Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Cultural Festival, which is a great time to come and enjoy the beauty of blooming chrysanthemums.
Daxiangguo Temple
2,274 Reviews
Daxiangguo Temple, formerly known as Jianguo Temple, was first built in the Northern Qi Dynasty. It was a royal temple in the Northern Song Dynasty and the place where Lu Zhishen pulled out a willow tree with his bare hands in the classic Ming dynasty novel, "The Water Margin." Most of the buildings in Daxiangguo Temple today were rebuilt in recent years and the scale is much smaller than that of the original. Thousand-armed and Thousand-eyed Avalokiteshvara in the courtyard is a cultural relic of the Qianlong period from the Qing dynasty. There is also a bronze bell made in 1768, which is worth seeing.

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Trip Moments

Tianbo Yangfu is a large-scale imitation Song architecture group. The building specifications were completed according to the level of a military officer at that time. It is consistent with the official position of Yang Ye, who was enshrined in the Taiji and Datong festivals. It is located in the Longting Scenic Area of the Six Dynasties Palace in the east and Shangming River in the west. The garden is a typical classical Song-style garden building composed of Yangjiafu, Yangjia Garden and the military field. , on the Song-style bucket, the next is the stone platform, the indoor algae ceiling, outdoor multi-color paint painting. This building is said to have been given by Yang Zong to the "Qingfeng Wushou Tianbo Drip Building". On the second floor, the middle of the sky, the sky and the clouds are engraved with the words "Tianbo Lou". The first floor lobby of Tianbo Building is the council hall. Song Taizong is trapped in Youzhou City. This is Yang Yes hand-held book, calling out eight sons to discuss the rescue strategy. The second floor of the Tianbo Building is the newspaper hall. There is a group sculpture and the story of the story of "Yang Taijun Yangmen." Inadvertently looked up, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, and found another charm belonging to Tianbo Yangfu, that is the geometric beauty of the housing estate. Far from the eaves, flexible eaves curve, slightly reflexed roof formed by the lifting frame, slightly raised roof and hard mountain, hanging mountain, mountain, temple, cusp, cross, The changes in the roof form, such as domes and heavy rafts, combined with the splendid glazed tiles, give the building a unique and intense visual effect and artistic appeal.
Posted: 24 Dec 2018
During the daytime, the Qingming River was alive and well. When the night fell, it became a dream world of time and history, opening a beautiful scroll of the prosperity of the Northern Song Dynasty. When the moon is bright, I will ask the wine for the sky, I dont know the palace in the sky, what year is it, watch a "Great Song. Tokyo Dream", witness the resurrection dream of the poetry scroll, and let everyone in the room be full of enthusiasm. With the melodious music, the chrysanthemum stage floats on the water, the chrysanthemums are filigree, the dreams are like a dream, the double hall is solemn, the golden glory shines, and everyone shouts one after another, which makes people feel shocked. Whether it is the shocking heart of the fireworks or the romantic passion of the girl, in the stage of "Da Song. Tokyo Menghua", there is always a piece of music just in time with your inner rhythm. A round of golden moon with a small bridge flowing water, the sky and the water in the two months holding a leafy boat, quietly lying in the Jinglong Lake. A song "Yu Lin Ling", the road to the separation of friendship. Unforgettable emotions have passed through time and space. Tonight, you and I have auspicious acacia, echoing in the frosty moonlight... When the kingdom came to the North, it was no longer a song and dance, but also a bloody man. The robes of the war robes the defending country, and the great Song dynasty warriors fight the enemy. Water cannons stir up thousands of waves, the entire lake is dyed blood red, peace? Everyone longs for peace! But if it is behind the hometown father, for the sake of the Song Dynasty, what is the fear of broken bones? A "Da SongTokyo Dreams", nearly a thousand people interpret and pull people's memories to the brilliant dynasty a thousand years ago.
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