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Things To Do in Kaihua

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Cultural Experiencial Area
吃草的牛001There were not many people during the May Day. The number of people in the scenic area is 60,000. I feel that the tourists do not know if there are 6,000 people every day! If you don't want to count people, it is a good relaxation. Unfortunately, there are fewer people. The commercial and leisure facilities in the scenic area seem to be nothing for tourists to consume.
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PrincessttHuaqiangu should also be a newly developed attraction. Its overall layout is neatly planned, and there are some facilities that are more suitable for children. I prefer to come in autumn, the colorful season
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PrincessttTracing back to the source, these four words are very good. Qianjiangyuan National Forest Park is indeed my favorite. It is a place that maintains its original appearance. There are many flowing water in the mountains and the stones are very beautiful.
Nearby City
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Ancient Settlement
DameDKWhat a beautiful place. Naturally if you are there with a big crowd, you would feel annoyed with all the models and choreographers wannabe’s. if you are able to avoid crowds like we did, then this place offers beautiful Hui architecture, placed at interesting angles on the side of the hill. You can trek in nearby plains and hills. There are various Chinese restaurants selling local food, ice cream bars, and even coffee. There are sufficient toilets which are clean in the area. A must see!
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Nature Reserve
National Park
风中小荻Gutianshan Nature Reserve is located in Suzhuang Town, Kaihua County, Zhangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 30km away from the county seat, adjacent to Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan County, Dexing City. The predecessor of the ward was a state-run mining and development park, and it was established in 1958 years, 1975 years 3 months after the approval of the people's government of Zhejiang Province, and 1979 years after the approval of the State Council, it became one of the first provincial nature reserves in China.
Nearby City
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Cky075absolutely breathtaking. the whole mountain is beautiful. the trails and cable cars are very well maintained and organized. the signage is in Chinese and English so you won’t get lost. this is an absolute gem of Jiangxi province.

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Qianjiangyuan National Forest ParkQuzhou,China

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Gutianshan National Nature ReserveQuzhou,China

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Ancient Town Sanjiang Art GalleryQuzhou,China

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Kaihua National ParkQuzhou,China

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About Kaihua

Kaihua County is located at the source of the Qiantang River in western Zhejiang Province. Kaihua is a vacation paradise of beautiful surroundings. The county is home to the Qiangjiangyuan (“Source of the Qian River”) National Forest Park and the Gutianshan (“Ancient Field Mountain”) Nature Reserve. Kaihua has a temperate and pleasant climate with four distinct seasons to enjoy, and it has been called a “natural oxygen bar.”

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