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Zheduo Mountain
The road from Chengdu to Kangding was very smooth, and the temperature did not change much. When I arrived at Kangding, I had lunch. When I went to the mountains in the afternoon, the temperature began to drop. On the way, we have to cross the first 4962-meter high mountain on the Sichuan-Tibet line: the mountain is called Khampa first pass, the mouth is 4,298 meters, and you can see the king of the mountain. Gongga Shenshan, you can also enjoy the sea of clouds on the soles of the feet. I don't have a high reflexion. It was fine before I went up to 5000 altitudes. But I haven't come to the plateau for a long time. When I turn over the mountain, my head will still feel a little painful. We want to take a photo, and the master stopped us. At this time, wearing thick clothes can resist the strong wind on the top of the mountain. I want to come, there are also five years, and I have a lot of emotions. Sending to the heavens and the earth, a millet in the Bohai Sea, in front of the snow-capped mountains, can more truly understand the humbleness and smallness of human beings! Xindu Bridge is 437 kilometers away from Chengdu. It takes about 5-6 hours to drive. The scenery along the way is beautiful. Here is a picturesque paradise, magical light, innocent grassland, curved creek, golden cypress, mountain ridges, scattered Tibetan villages, cattle and sheep grazing... often see walking And the people who ride 318, for them, my heart is still very admirable, on the Sichuan-Tibet line, every day there is an inexplicable, wanting to cry.
Mugecuo, beauty has become a paradise on earth! Mugecuo is 3,780 meters above sea level. It is located in Kangding Love Song Scenic Spot in Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Local people used to call this lake "Haizi". The lake of Mugecuo is covered with stones, wildflowers and alpine vegetation. Under the blue sky and white clouds, it is like a paradise in the movie blockbuster. People stop and enjoy it for a long time without leaving. Mugecuo is also called Savage Sea and the Sea Son. It is the core attraction of Kangding Love Song Scenic Area. It is also the largest mountain lake in northwestern Sichuan. The highest visibility is close to 10 meters. The water source mainly comes from the melting snow of the Nuwa Snow Mountain. Mugecuo is surrounded by forest meadows, majestic mountains and dozens of seas such as red, white and black. Due to the high altitude of the area and the valley area, the weather changes tens of thousands, and the weather, the yin and the fog become the normal state. In the early morning, there is a chance to appreciate the grandeur of the mist lock "sea". The whole picture is like a fairyland. general. When the sun shines on the lake, the blue sky and white clouds become the best embellishment. Look at the nearby stones of different sizes, look at the endless peaks in the distance, suddenly feel the heroic nature of nature, the smallness of people, naturally give rise to awe heart of. In the age of a long time, there was a young man named Zhaxi and a young woman named Zhuoma in the Tagong Grassland. The handsome male and the brave, the beautiful and kind of the woman, the two love each other in the process of labor, The tribal leader also took a fancy to Zhuoma. Under the confession of a good friend, Tashi took Zhuoma with his madness and fled to the mountains, and came to the coast of Mugecuo today, because he liked the environment and took root. Later, the whereabouts of the two were discovered by the hunters. He mistakenly thought that Tashi and Zhuoma were savages, and the squad of Mugecuo was spread. The current Mugecuo is not only a paradise in painting, but also a red card resort in Kangding Love Song Scenic Spot. Many tourists come to the mountains and pledges thousands of miles away, and many tourists leave a good wish here. You can see some piles of stone in the lake. They are different in size. According to local people, these stone piles represent people's good wishes and are a way of blessing. It seems that reading thousands of books is not as good as taking thousands of miles. It is only a matter of walking around to broaden your horizons and broaden your knowledge.
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