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Tianwanhe Tourist Attraction AreaNearby City

Tianwanhe Tourist Attraction Area

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"Tianwan River is a tributary of the Dadu River, 46 kilometers away from the county town of asbestos. Tianwan River originated from the south slope of Gongga Mountain, the mountains along the river extend, more than 10 mountains above 5000 meters above sea level snow, mountains are turbid, overlapping, peak tips, snow, "Rizhao Jinshan" everywhere can be seen, particularly spectacular, is a wonder of the Tianwan River. Here the mountains and water, snow peak crystal, lake clear mirror, cliff cliffs into the clouds, the sky, the strange stone stand. The altitude of the Tianwan River Basin is 800 meters -5000 meters. The plants in the range of dozens of kilometers form vertical distribution according to the height difference and climate. The landscape is from broad-leaved forest to permanent snow belt. The biological resources are very rich. There are more than 2,500 species of vascular plants and seed plants, of which 34 species are rare. More than 400 species of wild animals, among them rare animals such as white lip deer, golden monkey, small panda and other 20 kinds of high scientific research, science popularization and appreciation value. Tianwan River is the largest river around Gongga Mountain, the mountains and waters turbulence, momentum grand, dozens of waterfalls flow down straight, for spectacular. Here the geothermal resources are very rich, many hot springs water temperature in 30-70℃ rich health trace elements, attracted many tourists, still maintain its original bathing style. Autumn is full of red leaves, winter snowflakes are floating. Glacier mountaineering can be explored, lakeside hot springs are good leisure. The autumn color of the Tianwan River is unique because the mountains are high, the canyon is deep, the cool winds of autumn and winter are passing, making the trees in the deep of the forest from green to yellow, yellow and green gradually color, as if nature is playing a melodious and beautiful variation. Every autumn, the leaves of all colors glow each other, as if they had walked through a huge three-dimensional gallery. The scenery of Tianwan River is very scenic, colorful leaves, alternately played between high and low altitudes, the top of the mountain is white snow, the mountains are thousands of purples and reds, even if there is no sunlight, it can not cover up its beauty. Here the colorful autumn colors are dazzling, bright red, golden yellow, orange yellow, ink green, light blue ...... even there is purple, even if the smoke is over, it can't cover the colorful beauty of the colored forest. The river runs through the valley, the road runs along the river bank, the mountains on both sides are stacked with colors, the river water is clear, the riverside bushes are colorful, even the best poet, with the most beautiful poems depicting the world beautiful scenery, it seems so pale. If the sun is high, the continuous peaks against the blue sky and white clouds, the snowy mountains can be seen clearly in the distance under the sun shining brightly. Colours leap from the mountains, intermingling into a world of purple, red, colorful, like a colorful oil painting in front of your eyes. Weekend excursion, 600 per capita, self-driving travel itinerary: First day: in the afternoon, starting from Chengdu, via the Beijing Kunming Expressway, self-driving 3.5 hours to arrive at the Asbestos County accommodation: around 7 pm, reach the Asbestos Hot Spring Hotel (the better hotel in the Asbestos County), you can take a free hot spring, It is said that the natural hot spring food recommended from the mountain: asbestos barbecue, it is recommended to the left bank special net roast, the ingredients are delicious entertainment: the county town has no fun, after eating, you can visit the Dadu River at night. The next day: departure: drive for about 1 hour, arrive at Tianhewan scenic spot, no tickets are required. You can find a place to stay first) to visit: you can watch the sunrise, cloud sea, Buddha light, sunset, Yuanzhang Gongga Mountain, there are many geothermal hot springs such as large hot water, small hot water, god medicine, and so on, there are natural landscapes such as Wanlongbi, snake gravel, lotus mountain, Bailoushan waterfall group, Heilongtan waterfall. Hosted by more than 20 rare animals such as golden monkeys, small pandas. Highlights: mountaineering, hiking, exploration, forests, waterfalls, canyons, animals and plants, mainly to enjoy the natural scenery, this season's colorful forests are beautiful, the weather can also see Gongga Mountain accommodation: Caoke Hot Spring Resort (is really natural hot springs, in the scenic area) must experience: must experience hot springs! Diet: Hotel food recommendation: Local special grass family chicken third day: I got up in the morning to watch the sunrise cloud sea, the weather was not good. In the morning: the scenic area continued to wander for a long time, you can go to Hongshitan to take a photo at noon: drive to the county town Chinese restaurant for dinner in the afternoon: return"