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Waihi BeachNearby City

Waihi Beach

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"Be sure to feel the unique black beach here. The weather is very hot these few days, my best friend and I came to Waihi Beach to play. There are many villas on Waihi Beach. My best friend and I live here. We were all woken up in the morning by the sound of the waves and the sea breeze. As soon as you open the door, you can see the golden sunlight shining on the surface of the sea, making the color of the sea different in shades. The wind on this beach is very strong. My girlfriend and I could smell the sea breeze and the sea before we even walked into the beach. The sand on this beach is particularly delicate, this is a relatively rare black sand beach. It looks rough, but when my girlfriend and I walked barefoot on this beach, we didn't get rid of our feet at all. On the contrary, some small sand on our feet was like doing a foot massage. When my best friend and I were walking on the beach, I also liked the fish and starfish in the shallow waters. The sea is particularly clear. It is very clear to see these small creatures on the bottom of the sea. My best friend and my favorite thing about this beach is that it allows outdoor barbecues. When we walk here at night, my girlfriends and I can always see everyone holding barbecue parties here. Every time I come here, I feel very happy, and I feel like the time has become very fast with everyone at the barbecue party. Practical TIPS: 1. Waihi Beach is open all day. 2. The beach does not require tickets and is free to visit. Scenic address: Hawera 4610, New Zealand"