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Lake George

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"# I'm an outdoor Little Dad # Autumn palette New York's famous Lake George is a treasure trove, unlike the quiet wilderness of the Hudson Valley near NYC, where autumn trees are reflected in the quiet water of the lake, a rare sight elsewhere And here in autumn is not so crowded, the experience is very good, very suitable for friends to meet for the weekend traffic from NYC to the Lake George Town, 4.5 hours to stay in Lake George to enjoy the autumn, it is best to stay 1-2 night, nearby accommodation has hotels and cabin homestays can be two kinds. Choose, many of them will not be open in mid-October. It is recommended to book the hotel 2 weeks in advance. It is basically on the lake. When you go out, you will be surrounded by lakes and mountains. You can enjoy the scenery in the lounge chair downstairs. There are lakeside and mountains. It is more suitable for family travel. But many are set for two nights or even a week. It is not very friendly to weekend vacation. Hiking Trail The most beautiful scenery is always in the mountains. Of course, you need to hike here. There are countless hiking routes nearby. I recommend two things that I think are worth going: Prospect Mountain TrailThe nearest trail to the town, the starting point is 3 minutes drive from the town, this trial takes about 5 hours to and fro, the whole journey up the mountain, and it is not very flat (if you are physically strong, maybe 4 hours), you can pass through the golden woods along the way, the end is the best peak in the lake view Prospect Mountain Summit, Seeing such an open landscape, I feel that all the hard work is worth it Prospect Mountain Hwy If I don't want to climb the mountain, I can actually see the same scenery. We climbed to the middle and found that we can also drive here, and the road along the road is not inferior to other famous reward road driving road, if I don't want to be too tired, Highly recommended to drive up the mountain Buck Mountain Trailhead local No.1 hiking route, the people who go to vacation almost pass, the starting point is located in the east of the lake, it takes about 20 minutes to drive from the town, it is also the whole journey up the mountain, a little more gentle than the previous one, more than 4 hours to and from, the end point can see the lake view, This route is recommended to go in the afternoon. You can see the sunset at the top. Although it is hard, I will be very pleased to see the beautiful sunset and sunset. Another best angle to see the maple leaves on the lake is definitely the boat. There are two kinds of cruise ships here, one is with meals. The other is pure sightseeing, sailing time 1-2 hours, more suitable for hurrying partners, you can search Lake George Steamboat Company restaurant recommendation The Breakfast Spot - Lake George a retro-style brunch store, once inside is a strong style of the 40s and 50s of the last century, the name is very intuitive, mainly sells a variety of American breakfast, Recommended Omelets and eggs Benedict Breakfast queue time is about 30 minutes, remember to go to Bistro LeRoux the local top three restaurants early, blending a lot of French cuisine, the dishes are more delicate, salmon and steak are worth trying, dinner is best to book in advance"