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Things To Do in Konya

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旅行博主小张The Meurana Museum was converted from a mosque and is a local landmark in Konya. The museum was formerly a cemetery, and now in addition to the meticulous and exquisite decorations, it also houses many valuable Quran manuscripts and collections of prose poems. Very beautiful and worth seeing. Many Muslims here come to worship!
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BetTerDAYIn Trip.com search for Kongya, can not find the results, the original Kongya has a translation called Konya, Kongya is a more concentrated city, mainly the city center of the two mosques, very local characteristics.
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BetTerDAYThe Mevlana Museum, also translated as the Mevlana Museum, is a classic historical attraction in Konya. It displays the life deeds and life items of Mevlana. I took pictures without listening to the tour guide.
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121***12The porcelain inside is very exquisite. The site is where Karatya explained the Quran and taught scientific knowledge. There is an introduction to Karatya's life next to it. It is a very great task and also made a great contribution to the Sanjak dynasty. The porcelain on the dome inside the building is very beautiful, but after too long, some parts have fallen off.
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Historical Site
Dun秦It's not very expensive. The attractions are free. You have to take a bus from Konya to Cumra and then take a taxi. It is the most important historical site in Anatolia. It is also a treasure in human history! It is a human remains of the Stone Age. Excavation has not been completed yet. It is recommended to go with relevant knowledge. Otherwise it would be boring to not understand anything.
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Historical Architecture
zixunshi99There is no trace of the fire left. This mosque, including this great man, has an indelible place in Istanbul’s religious history in Turkey. It shows some scenes of life at that time.

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Eşrefoğlu Mosque/Eşrefoğlu CamiiKonya,Turkey

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Karatay MuzesiKonya,Turkey

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Tas ve Ahsap Eserler MuzesiKonya,Turkey

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Sahib-i Ata MosqueKonya,Turkey

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Aziziye MosqueKonya,Turkey

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Sahip Ata Vakıf MüzesiKonya,Turkey

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