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Kota Kinabalu,scenicspotguide
Universiti Malaysia Sabah
## 1, [Sabah University] Sapa University is surrounded by mountains and seas, with beautiful environment and the reputation of the most beautiful university in the world. After entering the campus, I was suspicious that I was mistaken into a small town. The entire campus is surrounded by mountains and seas, and the buildings are scattered with the terrain. Known as one of the most beautiful campuses in Southeast Asia and the world, when you finish the entire school, you will find that it is truly well-deserved. Walking along a straight road into the gate, there is a small roundabout with a bell tower in the middle, which is one of the landmarks of the University of Sabah. The most famous is the pink mosque where the girl is bursting. No matter how you shoot or what angle, it is especially cute. 2, [Water Mosque] is a typical contemporary Islamic building and one of the most magnificent mosques in Malaysia's sunset landscape. The four minarets and beautiful domes of the mosque are striking. The mosque was built on the man-made lake in Likas Bay. The white building is reflected in the lake water, which is very striking against the blue sky. The sun-washed water and the white-walled blue-topped Muslim buildings complement each other. It is really nice to see. In the mosque, there are several elements in the Muslim building, such as the stars and the moon, including the blues, pinks, and maca. The blue and pink of the dragon. In short, don't think that Sabah only has a photo of the sea, and you can take a big picture on the land!
Kota Kinabalu,scenicspotguide
Mamutik Island
I don't just like the sea, I still like ~ waves! ! I came to the dock early in the morning to go to Mamudi Island. It is one of the five islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Island Park. It is the smallest and only 15 acres, but it is the most popular one. The long sandy beach is white and clean, surrounded by countless coral reefs and rich and diverse diving sites, perfect for snorkeling and deep diving, and there are a variety of water sports on the island. I was also worried about what to do if the crabs were wearing water. Originally, our travel agency had a more advanced closed-size ship, which was spacious and comfortable to lie down on the island. Its the clear blue sky and blue sky. Its surrounded by floating balls and its beautiful in the water. Its a light-smooth and snorkeling area. After the wave, come to a durian. Cat Mountain King is famous for its rich taste and sweet taste. When you open it, the bright yellow color is particularly eye-catching, and the epidermis becomes the same texture as the milky skin, and the internal core is also small. After eating durian, how the taste of the mouth is the fastest, the booth tells us the fastest way to pour water into the durian shell, drink it, and refresh it. The durian here can't be brought to the hotel. If you can't clean the taste, you will be charged for cleaning up. and the night market, is a special stall with a gazebo to eat durian, not only to provide gloves and paper towels, but also to drink mineral water.
Kota Kinabalu,scenicspotguide
Tanjung Aru Beach
Taking the baby to shoot the night scene as a dad with a baby, shooting the night scene is definitely a test. On the one hand, the level of cooperation of the baby, on the other hand, the time is not waiting for people, how to take a good look in a limited time. night view. I will share our experience in Kota Kinabalu. Every night we will go to Tanjung Aru Beach and the hotel beach to watch a night scene. The first baby usually digs sand on the beach. This time will be carefully coordinated with the filming. The second is to give the baby a little snack. She is only awkward, and the whole family can take photos well. There are beautiful sunset photos. Shooting parameters: When shooting landscapes, I will use aperture priority to automatically calculate the exposure time. I usually use F11 to reflect the calm of the sea through long exposure. My machine is Sony A7R2, the lens is old frog 12 and Sony. 35. When I shoot my family, I will use 35, 1.4 aperture to open, big aperture, you must maximize the value. Shooting time: Generally, I will take a few shots on the beach first, and wait for the tourists on the beach to start shooting. Generally, the 20 minutes after the sun falls, this time is the best, the light is the softest than the smallest, only in the future. Can shoot the silhouette. Shooting essential: Because I want to take a family of three, I will bring a tripod. If there is a wireless shutter, it can be remotely controlled. Some cameras can be remotely controlled by APP.
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