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It is not a special tourist attraction in China, and even many people do not know its name. This is Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. Kota Kinabalu is an important fishing town in Sabah and a major commercial and industrial town in Malaysia, but the tourism industry here is also developing very rapidly. Xiaobian today will introduce you to this multi-element fusion place. The Tanjung Aru Beach in Kota Kinabalu is the soul of Kota Kinabalu. This beach is a great place to watch the sunset. There are not many people in Tanjung Aru Beach during the day, but in the evening, there will be tourists or local residents from all directions. Gathered over. The dusk of Tanjung Aru Beach is the most beautiful moment, but it is also very short. At the end of the sea, there is an endless sky. The clouds are different colors, which makes people feel very spectacular. If you are lucky, you can also see the fire burning clouds. Really, just stand in one place and shoot, its a painting, especially when the weather is good, under the blue sky and white clouds, its especially cute. If the girls go to Sabah, they must go there.
Posted: 14 Jan 2019
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Kota Kinabalu
Kota Kinabalu,Recommendations
Rising sun rises to Tanjong sunset, swims in the windy town is the morning red sun or a touch of color I wandered in the wind listen to the breeze Tanjung Yalu Beach, the legendary global sunset TOP3 place I came... Open the curtains of the hotel, no need to wait, the newborn red day has been brightened. Children and old people who like to exercise early, have already gone out and enjoy this amphibious space by the sea. I am waiting, waiting for this moment, for a long time... The flow of people is like a musical note, Haitao is like a staff, I enjoy unlimited beauty here. Everyone is quietly waiting for every change in Tanjung Aru Beach. Abandon troubles, no smog, work under the arm, forget the sorrow, I am facing the sea breeze, listening to the waves. Sabah is one of the three best viewing places in the world. In the evening, people wait quietly on the beach. The most famous is on this Tanjung Aru Beach, where there is a special sunset bar, leaning on the lounge chair. Drink a drink and enjoy the sunset. You can bring your family to come here for a holiday, surfing, snorkeling or just lounging on the soft sand, enjoying a moment of silence, feeling the happiness of the sunbathing, really no better life. . "Asia Road" refers to Casuarina. As the name suggests, there must be countless Casuarina trees, walks under the shade of the trees, and the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sky. I have been to many islands. The beach here is not particularly attractive, but everyone is waiting for the sunset, waiting for the beautiful fire cloud and the quiet of this moment...
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