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About Krabi

Located in the south of Thailand, Krabi is a paradise on a peninsula that faces Phuket across the sea. There are more than 30 outlying islands dotting the surrounding sea like pearls. The province is full of natural poetry, from the soft sand to the warm, clear water, the palm trees swaying in the wind, the flowing waterfalls and the wild animals camouflaged amongst the trees. Krabi consists of many islands, famous for their strong culture, vibrant flora and fauna. It is a world-famous rock climbing destination, also perfect for diving with its beautiful, clean water and abundant marine wildlife.

Popular Attractions in Krabi

Ko Phi Phi Don
908 Reviews
Located on the Andaman Sea, Big Phi Phi Island is one of the two main islands of the Phi Phi Islands. Big Phi Phi Island in the north is 3.5 kilometers wide and 8 kilometers long. It is shaped like an irregular dumbbell with green hills on the ends. The center of the island is made up of two half-moon bays. The sea near the shore is of a charming emerald color. The central part of the island is extremely narrow. The narrowest area is ​​only about 80 meters. There are fishermen living on the island. The resorts, restaurants, bars and various entertainment venues offer everything that a anyone needs and are some of the reasons that many tourists love Phi Phi Island.
Ao Nang Beach
1,052 Reviews
Ao Nang Beach, about 20 km from the Town of Krabi, is a very lively beach in Krabi. The beach is located at the northern end of Ao Nang Bay and is situated by the sea. Over 100 elegant and comfortable resorts are scattered under the coconut trees by the sea. The beach extends to the foothills of the very famous limestone formations. At the end of the beach is a cliff with mountains and lush virgin forests. The amenities are convenient and easily accessible. Most visitors to Krabi come here. This is a great place to swim, sunbathe, stroll on the beach, and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.
Krabi Town
596 Reviews
The Town of Krabi is located at the mouth of the Krabi River. The town is very attractive, and it has a casual atmosphere. The peaceful and beautiful Krabi River passes through the town. The river has large mangrove forests that are home to many monkeys and other wild animals. There are fisheries on the river that raise unusual fish, which attracts tourists. If you’re free, a walk along the river is also enjoyable. The town has several night markets unique to Krabi, so tourists from Ao Nang have to rush into town. The food at the night market is cheap and delicious, so it’s a real treat.
Emerald Pool
206 Reviews
Emerald Pool is located in Ang Thong Marine Park on Koh Samui, a completely undeveloped rainforest where a large number of rare flora and fauna flourish. The saltwater lake is created by the adjacent sea. Visitors must keep a distance from Emerald Lake, but are more than welcome to snorkel in the warm ocean. A hike along the park’s trails and limestone karst formations offers a stunning view of Emerald Lake, with water unbelievably pristine and turquoise. However, swimming is strictly prohibited at this lake.

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Trip Moments

Railay Bay is the closest island to Krabi, including the three beaches of East Railay, West Railay and Panam. At the Ao Nang Pier, take the unique long tail boat from Thailand to West Railay Beach. After going to the island, you can cross the island to East Railay Beach. Since the beach is not big, there are not many people; I did not see many Chinese people in one day. The sunset at Railay Beach is really beautiful! I stepped on the white sands of Railay, and the sea breeze from the Indian Ocean blew gently. The clouds of fire burned in the sky. As night fell, the sea looked vast. The world was silent, except for the sound of people singing songs.
Posted: 22 Dec 2018
The biggest advantage of Thailand is that you don't have to wear complicated clothes. Summer clothes are light and relaxed, and you can show your beauty in the island. Krabi is hot all year round, and there is no winter. No matter what time of the year it is, a cooling summer dress will be just fine. If you don’t like the sun, you can bring a thin shirt. Bring rain gear if you visit during the rainy season.  The most common fried rice in the roadside stalls is about 50铢, and four people in the restaurant usually eat 600铢. Most high-end hotels and restaurants will add 10% of the service fee to the bill. There are other places where you may need to pay a tip. The last place we stayed in Krabi Island did not have tourists. It had a very local flavour.
Posted: 24 Dec 2018
The sea in Krabi, Thailand is different. It is not endless, and you can often see large and small islands in the distance; the sea near the island is green, then light blue, and then dark blue, gradually progressive. People feel very refreshed when they look at it. Think about it. Poda Island is a point of four island trips a day. It is also the largest island in the sea nearby. The island is shaped like an axe. The island has beautiful white sand beaches, blue waters and scuba diving corals, and the limestone terrain has caves.
Posted: 9 Dec 2018
When snorkelling, the highlight is seeing the fish. The sea is quite clear, though there are a lot of people who love to visit the beach. The ship’s captain took us to see the first line of sand and Chicken Island. Think of what is like to pass Chicken Island, with the ship’s captain excitedly calling out “Chicken, chicken!” Our ship’s captain was a very honest person who was silent for most of the journey. His skills with the ship were very good and he kept the boat at a fast and steady pace. 
Posted: 21 Dec 2018
The beaches of Leilei are divided into three beaches, namely East Lai Lei, Xilai Lei and Phra Nang. The overall size is small. It takes 10 minutes from East Lai Lei to Xilai Lei or Papa. Railay Beach is famous for rock climbing and has numerous rock faces and caves. The beach is distributed under the rock wall and has a different flavour. The beach area of Xilailei is slightly larger and more tourists tend to congregate here. The beach area of Pacang is not large. It is located below the rock wall and has a stalactite cave with a statue of a goddess to bless the boat home. The entire Pacang Beach feels like paradise.
Posted: 27 Dec 2018
Although Ao Nang Beach, the famous island of Thailand, does not have a weekend night market in Chiang Mai, there are still many small shops that sell vintage handwritten letters. The price is just right if you want to purchase them. Every item is full of Sabadika features. For the two McDonald’s, however, the price is not so good. When you are enjoying the coast and you get tired and want to have a cold drink, you can go inside and see the sea from there. If you don’t have cash, you don’t need to worry. Most of the ATMs support UnionPar Card. One day of strolling around Ao Nang Beach is a pleasant experience.
Posted: 20 Dec 2018 is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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