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Ile du Nord

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"New Zealand has a variety of scenery and play, this time I chose to take the GreatSights luxury bus from Auckland to the North Island's scenic historical towns and classic attractions, a three-day round-trip tour of the North Island. This is really a special way to travel but there are many people in New Zealand who choose this way because it is relaxing and informative, not only with beautiful scenery but also with a lot of learning about Maori history and culture. Buy good tickets in the morning and get on the three day tour, boat tickets, etc. at GreatSights behind the Auckland Sky Tower, and get on at 7:30. The drive from Auckland to the small town of Paihia in the Bay of the Island is about three and a half hours, with some classic attractions stop off and the driver will give you some explanations of the sites along the way including their historical allusions, features and humanities etc So I say this is not just a tour, but a study tour. The Island Bay is one of New Zealand's major tourist attractions, consisting of 144 islands. Paihia is the center of the island bay, although it is a small town, but is deeply loved by domestic and foreign tourists, in the summer time there are a lot of tourists here, we are now in the early winter, so lucky not to be crowded. Paihia is a really quiet and beautiful place, although it is early winter, but it is still green everywhere, from our hotel room to walk about 100 meters, you can go to the bay, is probably influenced by the reputation of Oakland's "Sail Capital", There are many sailing boats to stop here. Most of the locals who run and work out here, there is no rush like in China, here you can do what you like to do slowly. And when you arrive at Paihia, there is a must-see attraction to be signed by the Treaty of Waitangi. The Treaty of Waitangi, signed in the Gulf of the Island, just two minutes from Paihia, is one of New Zealand's most important historical sites. If Maori culture and history are a book, Waitangi is the book's focus and turning point. The Treaty of Waitangi, signed in 1840 by the British Government and the Chief Maori, is a replica of which can be seen in museums within the park, as well as in the huge collection of hand-carved Maori and the largest existing Maori canoe warships. You can also watch the most authentic Maori cultural performances. In addition to these historical places, the Wai Tungi Park itself is a scenic spot, with its beautiful and charming Halulu waterfalls, young people playing in grass, sailors, whalers and locals traveling along the coastline making up the daily scene. About food: I want to give you the only Chinese restaurant here in Amway, Jinghua. This is a garlic restaurant, mainly Chinese food buffet, but also some fast food such as duck rice, fork rice, which is very good. Recommended raw garlic, is a local feature, very fresh."