La Seyne-sur-Mer
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Things To Do in La Seyne-sur-Mer

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pxy0705Toulon is a famous French military port and the seat of the French Navy. Here has a long history of the French navy. The naval museum here records the glory of the French navy. There are many collections here, from wooden warships hundreds of years ago to the most advanced Northwind-class cruiser in France. Here you can see real objects or models. It is definitely a place for navy fans.
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ChenhutamuThe Port of Toulon is an important naval base on the Mediterranean Sea in southern France. You can see all kinds of warships and it is worth visiting. It is recommended to take a tour boat and go out to sea. If you are lucky, you can see the aircraft carrier and other ships.
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淼淼0301This Fallon Mountain is still very high, but because it has not been deliberately developed, the infrastructure on the mountain is still very general. Ascending to the top of the mountain, you can overlook the wonders of the entire port of Toulon. The war memorial for this landing. Still great.
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貓貓達Marseille, the most important port city in southern France, is the strategic location of the Mediterranean Sea. Its old port has many historic buildings and ruins. It is a key tourist city. It is a leisurely walk along the ancient building area of the port. It is a  item that can be missing in Marseille.
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淼淼0301The photography museum is still very artistic. It mainly displays the photographic works of many contemporary photographers. These works involve multiple themes, and you can enjoy works of different styles. There are statues outside the museum, and the statues are also very interesting. .
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MapleFrom all angles of Marseille, you can clearly see the golden Virgin and Child at the top of the temple. This statue of the Virgin and Child, which can be seen from afar, is also the protector of sailors, fishermen and all Maasai people. Reason for recommendation: There is a viewing platform under the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Guardian. This is the best place to overlook the entire Marseille and the Port of Marseille. If you visit the sea, you can also see the prototype of the prison in "The Count of Monte Cristo": Chateau d’If . The viewing platform is especially suitable for watching the sunset. In summer, the sunset is relatively late, so you can come early and admire the inside of the temple first, otherwise the door will close at six and you will not be able to enter.

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