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Things To Do in Laibin

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206***68Not many people, the pool is a little less, can not smell sulfur, feel a bit like cooking utensils! Soaked out to see the propaganda know it is true! Because there are not many people, feel is still OK, but the pool is less, more people are estimated to be squeezed cooking dumplings!
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江湖一秀才The online evaluation of Lianhua Mountain is high, so this trip was made. It seems like a ten-minute drive from the foot of the mountain to reach the entrance of the scenic spot. The bends are not wide, and there are not many vehicles and pedestrians along the way. It was deserted. Before approaching the door, the number of cars parked on the side of the road suddenly increased. A staff member directed the parking. Only then did I realize that there were a lot of people here, mostly from Guangxi. The ticket collection process is simple and fast. Just show your mobile phone text message and start to go up. The scenic spot logo is still relatively good. Follow the entrance logo all the way. Generally speaking, the mountains are more wonderful. Some people say that the lotus mountain is composed of five It is composed of mountain peaks and hovered all the way, passing through four peaks. There are big trees on the side of the road, or strange trees on the boulders. The entire mountain peak is like a big rock, erect, standing, or lying, and it looks like a general. Along the way, the mountain road is relatively flat at first, and then it becomes steeper, passing through the lotus plank road, passing the general stone, travel is near, climbing up to a pavilion, sitting quietly to feel the wonders and dangers of the mountain, and there is no special feeling when walking through it. , There is a song and dance performance of the Yao ethnic group on the way, due to time constraints, I walked in the mountains, and suddenly heard the singing from the mountains, there are Yao songs, there are tourists who are casual brothers, there are shouts, laughter, and the attractions are good.
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M33***52I heard there are azaleas, such as friends and go, but azaleas a lot, flowers are few, a little bit of open, not that kind of full trees. Up the hill is stone ladder, step by step measuring. Although it was only 4.2 km, it took me three and a half hours to climb the top and two and a half hours to go down the mountain. When we went, it was early May. Under the mountain was the sun 🌞 the fog on the mountain. When the wind blew, it was clear to see, and then the fog came and couldn't see anything. A little immortal feeling, the whole trip is a forest, not worried about tan. Not too cold, I wear a short-sleeved shirt. The wind at the top is a bit big, there are a lot of azaleas, flowers Xixila opened a few, a little different from the big picture, maybe it's wrong. The stone ladder up the mountain is a bit steep, it is best to buy a bamboo stick below, you can borrow strength when climbing the mountain, it is not so tired. Look at the scenery by luck, the fog opened to see a beautiful and stylish ancient tree. When the fog came, you can not see it clearly, and you can see a beautiful cloud sea with very good luck! The holy temple villa accommodation is very quiet, relatively clean and tidy, and the service attitude is also good, it is a good trip!
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笑一笑 百年少The depths of the mountains are worth seeing! According to the strategy, the content of negative ions is extremely high, and the air is very fresh in the forest area! The water is clear, the bottom can be seen, the mountains are very green, the eyes are full of glory, there is a little rain, and the boating on the river, the mood is so refreshing! The recommended place to be, the mountain road is curved, people with motion sickness are OK if they prepare early!
51 Reviews
眼中的美Xiangzhou Hot Spring is recorded in ancient books, More poets wrote for his inscription: "The smoke and the warm clouds have not yet polished, and the fairy source seems to fall into the Milky Way," The beauty of its artistic conception naturally needs no words.  The resort hot spring bathing area has natural hot springs, supplemented hot springs, physiotherapy hot springs, stone hot springs, shower hot springs and other hot spring pools, which can accommodate more than 1,500 people in the bath at the same time, with a wide view and unique scenery.
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眼中的美Yaotianxia Tourist Resort is 118 kilometers away from Liuzhou in a 2-hour drive. There are small streams and flowing water along the way, and the surrounding mountains are like Shili Gallery.

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Silkgarden Resort&spa,Xiangzhou CountyLaibin,China

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Panwanggu Shenhang Hot Spring ResortLaibin,China

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Shengtang MountainLaibin,China

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Wuxuan Confucian TempleLaibin,China

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Jinxiu Shengtang Lake Ecotourism Scenic AreaLaibin,China

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About Laibin

Laibin is known as “the Heartland of Guangxi” because of its central location in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Laibin is a city where multiple ethnic groups, particularly the Zhuang people, live together peacefully. It has been variously known as the “world capital of fine jade,” “the best place in China to see interesting rock formations,” and “Guangxi's coal capital.” Famous attractions include the Government Office of the Mo Tribal Chief and the Dayaoshan (“Great Jade Mountain”) National Forest Park.

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