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About Laishui

Laishui (涞水), in Hebei Province, is situated at the northern end of the eastern foot of the Taihang Mountains. Well-known scenic spots here include the Yesanpo Scenic Area, which attracts many visitors from the neighboring cities each year, Longmen Tianguan and the Tomb of Prince Yi.

Popular Attractions in Laishui

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Located in Sanpo Towship, Lishui County, Baoding City, The Hundred-li Canyon is a distinctive sight in the Yesanpo Scenic Area. Bailixia is mostly made up of steep canyons. Here, you can see spectacular canyons and watch the streams and waterfalls. In summer, the temperature in the scenic area is relatively low, making it a nice place to get away from the heat.
Ye Sanpo
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Located in Lishui County, Baoding, Hebei Province, Ye Sanpo is a great place for summer trips in the rural areas of Beijing and to enjoy the natural scenery. Ye Sanpo is a collective name for a scenic group, which comprises canyon cliffs, alpine meadows, cave wonders, river sceneries, etc. Each scene has its own characteristics. Each year from April to October, it is extremely pleasant to come here and view the mountains and rivers or explore the caves.
Yesanpo White Grass Scenic Area
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Yesanpo White Grass Scenic Area, also known as Baicao, is located at the junction of the east side of Jiulong Town, Lishui County, Baoding City, Hebei Province, and Beijing. It is part of the Sansanpo Natural Scenic Area in Dajing District and the peak of the Ye Sanpo Scenic Area. Come here to climb and watch the natural scenery. There are beautiful natural scenery such as beautiful mountains and rock formations, dense forests and clear spring waterfalls. There are also scenic spots such as alpine meadows, sky gardens, and birch forests, all of which are worth visiting.
Yugudong Natural Scenic Area
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Geological Sites
Yugudong Natural Scenic Area is located in the middle of Yesanpo. It flows through the small Xihe River surrounded by mountains. The scenery is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, and the strange springs and caves are interesting. It is an ideal place for adventure and leisure. Entering the cave, thousands of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars and spacious and tall caves, the winding passages are like the underground dragon palace under the illumination of the lights.

Laishui Weather

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Trip Moments

Knight Rider   
I finally came to the hillside of the mahjong, which is much more than the green seed tree. Built in the mountain village near Ye Sanpo, the original eight yards, because the supply is in short supply, and continue to build seven, there will be 15 in the future, each yard is different. Our three families live in a three-bedroom compound, a big bed room, a boudoir bed, a boudoir standard room, an independent large dining room, and an oversized living room with floor-to-ceiling windows. Take the sun to watch TV during the day, eat the brazier pot in the evening, the wok pot has cowpea, radish, soybean horn, potato, gluten, eggplant, gourd strip, white tofu, fried tofu, soup is flesh broth, placed in casserole Stew for more than 20 minutes. Soup rice, super delicious, and a bunch of leeks, everyone eats more. It is cold at night, the floor heating is particularly warm, and you can barefoot on the ground. There are so many movies on TV, I have been seeing late night the morning sun is just on a hanging persimmon, passing through the bamboo forest to enter the room breakfast drink is a little grinded soymilk, then go together Picking the persimmon, the soft big cover persimmon sweet afternoon tea to eat crisp persimmon, is also the first time I eat crisp country game, full of the taste of the country. The butler of the housekeeper teaches the child to make a sweet pumpkin pie, and the pine cone DIY becomes a small mouse. Going back to my little yard, I found a fat silver tabby lying in a chair sleeping noon to eat peas risotto, soup with eggs and some ordinary dishes, everyone feels better than at home ( ) Tips
Posted: 25 Dec 2018
Knight Rider   
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