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Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten SyltNearby City

Erlebniszentrum Naturgewalten Sylt

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"Summer story. Luxurious Sylt. Hittre Island is an island located in the Frisian Islands in the North Sea. It is famous for its long beaches, resorts and mudflats of the Wadden Sea to the east. This 18th century old Frisian house has a thatched roof and shows life on the island before the 20th century. (The thatched roof was photographed in Hallig Hooge, and Amrum, so I won’t show it here.) I know Sylt because it has become a lifestyle brand and appeared in fashion stores. and cafes in many cities in Germany, and was posted by Germans. The label very expensive is a place where Hamburgers spend their weekends and show off their wealth. Today I went to Hamburg to stay here for a few hours to see where Sylt is expensive. First go to Gosch Sylt, the most famous local seafood restaurant. Wow, the beautiful and delicious seafood is still a bit different from the seafood in Saigon in Hong Kong, the east coast of Singapore and the coastal cities in China (such as Shenzhen)! It feels more expensive than the Hema fresh seafood stall that buys, cooks and eats at the same time. The seafood platter for two is 65 euros. I ordered a local special Herring three foods, it was delicious. The Sansibar brand's fashion life store was developed from a local restaurant of the same name in Sylt. It is quite expensive in the luxury style of Sylt Island. After three days of stillness in Hallig Hooge, returning to Sylt suddenly felt that he was still a layman, and he had no resistance to seafood and beautiful accessories."