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About Langkawi

Langkawi Island is a well-known seaside resort. Many Malaysians come here for vacation. This place not only has translucent jade green ocean water and enchanting beaches, it also has many mysterious folktales and legends all waiting to be discovered. Langkawi Island also is a famous shopping paradise. Travelers can enjoy the island's favorable duty-free policies.

Popular Attractions in Langkawi

The Langkawi Sky Bridge
736 Reviews
Located on Malaysia's Langkawi Archipelago, the Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 125-meter curved cable-stayed pedestrian bridge. Formed of steel and concrete panels and supported by struts fixed to the mountainside, the bridge is suspended by eight cables and hangs high up in the air between two mountains.
Cenang Beach
888 Reviews
Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach) to the southwest of Langkawi Island's Kuah Town is home to most of the island's beach villas and resorts. There aren't too many visitors here so it's nice and quiet with plenty of beautiful tropical plants lining the shore, along with white sandy beaches with enticing, shallow green waters. The ocean waters around here are teeming with thousands of species of marine life and diving is a popular activity. As you traverse the coral reef, you are bound to see a multitude of colorful tropical fish. In addition to diving, you can also take part in all sorts of interesting and exciting water sports such as banana boating, parasailing and jetskiing.
Eagle Square
668 Reviews
Giant Eagle Square is located at the seaside of Guaju Town in Langkawi. The square stands on the square called the Eagle Tower, the new landmark of Langkawi. Langkawi means "red-brown eagle" in the Malay scriptures, and the eagle tower is also the symbol of Langkawi. The red-brown eagle stood on the stone tower and opened its huge wings, as if it had to rush to the sky in the next second. The proud posture symbolizes that Langkawi is like an eagle flying high, and the future economy is more vigorous. development of.
Payar Island
305 Reviews
Payar Island is situated around 19km away from the Langkawi main island. It is surrounded by coral reef and crystal clear seawater. There are little waves, and is an ideal location for water sports, such as scuba diving and swimming. There is a shark training facility on the island, where visitors can feed the sharks. In addition, there is an underwater observation room where visitors can view a variety of beautiful sea life.

Langkawi Weather

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Trip Moments

The Eagle Tower was built in October 1996. The tower is 45 meters high and weighs more than 10 million horses. The majestic posture of the eagle symbolizes the Langkawi like an eagle flying high and represents the future economy as it is booming. The entire square also has beautiful lakes, fountains, bridges, cloisters, etc. The well-planned plaza is a good place to enjoy the night view and enjoy the sea breeze. Giant Eagle Square is the most representative magical building in Langkawi. Looking from afar, I saw a brown-red giant eagle standing on an empty square, standing on a stone tower a few meters high, opening huge wings, unruly and proud posture, as if the next second would be washed. It’s so shocking that it’s soaring. The proud attitude of the giant eagle symbolizes the future development and prosperity of Langkawi, and is therefore highly respected and loved by the local people. There is also a tranquil lake around the square, which is also very beautiful.
Posted: 24 Dec 2018
The island of pregnant women is the largest island in Langkawi. The island is called so because the mountains and prominent rocky outlines of the lake look like a pregnant woman lying on her back. In the morning, I took a boat from Zhenan Pier and arrived at Pregnant Island in about 15 minutes. However, we did not go directly to the island. Instead, we stopped for a photo on the way. The young man on the boat also told us the origin of the name of the pregnant island. From the point of view of the docking, it is possible to clearly distinguish the mountain-shaped contour of the pregnant island. The scenery here is fascinating, the island is full of green plants, and the sea and sky are a beautiful blue.
Posted: 21 Apr 2019
The famous Langkawi Sky Bridge, which has been called "Bridge in the Sky", was built in October 2005 in Malaysia, with a total length of 125 meters. The bridge is arc-shaped and the main body is made of steel. With a very large and heavy "steel frame" actually supported with only one pillar. The pillar is 87 meters high, fixed on the mountainside, and then pulled by 8 steel cables. The whole bridge was hanged at an altitude of 687. The whole bridge is connected to two hills at the height, so it is named: Langkawi Sky Bridge. The bridge is about the height of a 200-story building! To reach the Sky Bridge one needs to take the cable car, and then walk for a certain distance to reach. It takes a little bit of hassle and physical strength to see the heavenly views from the bridge. To avoid traffic the Langkawi  Sky Bridge can be reached through the Eastern Village by cable car. The price of the cable car is 55 MYR for adults and 40 for children under 12 years old.
Posted: 22 Dec 2018
After coming down from the Sky Bridge, one must visit the 3D Museum in Langkawi. It is the largest 3D museum I have ever seen. It is said to be the second-largest 3D museum in the world, with the most beautiful and cool 3D landscapes available in the world. The theme of the exhibition is the ocean, animal forest, mountain, starry sky, international, and even ancient Egyptian civilization. You can see the children, all going crazy and playing, and the various props are lying everywhere! The pavilion is particularly large, and there are several national landscapes created by the theme pavilion, which is very suitable for families with children to visit! Transportation: Sky Bridge can be reached by cable car from Dongfang Village. The price of the cable car is approx. 55 MYR for adults and MYR 40 for children under 12 years old.
Posted: 18 Dec 2018
Enjoy the sunshine and beaches of Langkawi at Langkawi Ocean Resort. The lobby is connected to the resort's office and it is easy to see them working. There are 2 employees who receive us, and the left side is the little fat man mentioned in the previous article. You will need to show your ID upon check-in and pay MYR 50 as a deposit. Remember to take the deposit receipt and don't lose it. The infinity pool is arguably the hotel's nirvana, and it is estimated that everyone will fall in love with it. The red house in front is an independent villa that can accommodate many people. The pool has a place to rinse. The stairs on the left are private beaches, but the sea is not very clean. I won't go anyway. The style of the hotel restaurant is relatively simple, the breakfast is self-service type, the variety is not very rich, and the products are generally available. Traffic Raiders: Langkawi's public transportation is not doing well, although the resort is located in the Guazhen business district, but there is still a distance from the city center, there is no shopping mall nearby, if you walk to Gua Town Night Market, you need 30 Minutes, but the resort is outside the main road. It is not safe to walk. Therefore, you must take a taxi to get in and out. The front desk of the hotel can help you to call the car. The second time you pick us up is the same business car. It is estimated that it is the hotel's own car. Its more expensive to compare outside, such as 24 MYR for the hotel to Gua Town Night Market or Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall, but only 16 MYR for a taxi on the return trip, about 10 minutes for a one-way trip; from Jinan Beach to the hotel It costs 30 MYR and takes 30 minutes to drive.
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