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163 things to do found in Ledong
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Jianfeng (Sharp Peak) Ridge National Forest Park

Jianfeng (Sharp Peak) Ridge National Forest Park

4.4/5150 Reviews
Open from 7:00am-0:00am (Local time)
"Jianfengling National Forest Park is suitable for self-driving tour. It is best to arrange for two days. There are no sightseeing cars in the scenic area. There are farms or hotels in Tianchi Scenic Area and Mingfeng Valley, but you must consult in advance if it is open. Enter the scenic area and see the road signs. Every attraction has a mark. The 15km to the right is the main peak mountain climbing path of Jianfeng Mountain, the 16km to the left is Tianchi, the threekm to the left of Tianchi is Mingfeng Valley, and the 10km to continue to walk in front is the rainforest Valley. 1. The main peak of Jianfeng Mountain. Enter the right side of the scenic spot and go 15 kilometers to the main peak. The trip is about half an hour or more. If the mountain road is bumpy, you must pay attention to safety. The car is parked at the parking lot and then climb the mountain. Be sure to go to the bathroom before climbing, because there is no bathroom on the mountain, and at least prepare some water, because there is no supply on the way. If you like picnics, you can also prepare it. There is a gazebo on the way, and there is a big platform at the top of the mountain, which is very good. It is important to remind that there are several roads very difficult to walk, one is the root road, and then a little similar to climbing, although not difficult, but the old man still do his best. Jianfengling is 1412 meters above sea level. It is estimated that you can reach the top of the mountain in more than two hours. The platform at the top is very bright. There are not many people there. If you picnic on it, it will be very comfortable, but you must be safe and environmentally friendly! Then back on the original road, there is no choice. This is a nature reserve, especially like it! 2. Jianfengling Tianchi. The road to the left of the scenic spot is the road to Tianchi. It takes about half an hour to 16 kilometers. The road here is wider than the main peak of Jianfengling, but it is still rugged. There are farmhouses and villages along the way. There are occasionally cats and dogs 🐶 chickens and ducks 🐔 geese and so on. So you must go slow. Tianchi is not big but very beautiful. The hotel and path built by the pool are clear and clear if there is no windy weather. It is especially beautiful. There are water lilies in the pool. If it is drizzle, the water surface in the mountains is thin and misty, it is like a fairyland...3, Mingfeng Valley. No Tianchi, on the left side of Tianchi, 3 kilometers. Mingfeng Valley Plank Road 1.9 kilometers, there are several wonders, especially Tongtian Tree, worth a visit. 4, Rainforest Valley. Look at the signpost at the location of Tianchi, walk 10 kilometers further (probably, forget how much) and there is a rainforest valley, the road there is very narrow, after a parking lot, there is a new plank road, built according to the river, suitable for leisure. But this is not the end, turn right about 3 kilometers, arrive at the rainforest valley, there is a resort, someone is managing, but no business. Entering the resort, the resort is very good, really a pity... There is a mountain path going inside, natural quiet..." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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