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Religious Sites
Qingshen Zhongyan TempleNearby City

Qingshen Zhongyan Temple

4.2/542 Reviews
"Historical Site"
Ranked #20 in Meishan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 8:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"The report of the world has been Fuhu, tears fly into the rain. One said Fuhu is Jingyanggang, but Zhongyan Temple not only has a tiger, but also down the mountain tiger, this and its scenery, there are natural scenery, there are also human monuments, is a veritable scenic spot. 3A Underestimated it, at least 4A scenery, if placed in Chengdu, it is estimated to be 5A. 1. Location: In Aoshen County, Meishan, not Aoshen County, Japan, is the Aoshen next to Jiajiang and Leshan. It is 100km from Chengdu. It doesn't feel too far to drive, because the road is very good. The scenic spot is better to find, just in the Lijiang River and the parking is convenient. The downside is that the Qingshen does not pass the high-speed rail and can only drive. 2. Open time: 9 to 5, now the epidemic has been opened. 3. Price: 27/person, very conscience price, the entire scenic spot is enough to visit in an afternoon, there are many places to see, and it takes more than 2 hours to walk fast, and the cost-effectiveness is very high. 4. Scenery: Part up and down the mountain, up the mountain has many humanistic landscapes, down the mountain has many natural landscapes. (1) The humanistic landscape is not top-notch, but it is of high quality. There are several ancient temples, although they are not very big, but they have a taste, there are many cliff stones, the distribution of stone carvings is not particularly concentrated, but the scenic area is reasonable, you can see up the mountain, most of the years before Tang and Song Dynasty, the treasure of thousands In the cultural revolution almost all of the head, only the remnant, but still can see the thousands of Buddha walls and the lonely big Buddha bright colors. The root of the Buddha Taoism, the rock has many legends, very twisty, this and the newly repaired sites randomly fabricated garbage myths are much higher than. In addition to religious culture, there is Su Dongpo and his first love memorial - call fish pond, according to the family, aerial photography China seems to have been here. Zhongyan Temple is also a place for many talented people to study, Su Shi once studied here, Li Bai, Huang Tingjian, Lu You. The rocks here are mostly red sandstone, suitable for carving, the name of Zhongyan Temple was carved by the ancients several places, the whole scenic area has a very strong bookish. (2) Natural landscape, Zhongyan Temple next to the Lijiang River, high can see the Lijiang River, up and down the mountain road will see many lizards, this side is already next to the southern part of Sichuan, formerly the dinosaurs gathering place. Besides, there are waterfalls, springs and several first-line skyscrapers, grotesque boulders, the scenery is not so bad, but it is absolutely superb. (3) The scenic area is well built, obviously it has been renovated in recent years, many local facilities have ancient and new, new is recently repaired, ancient because this is an old attraction developed in the 80's and 90's, garbage cans are still the stone caves of the past. The scenic spot has planned different roads up and down the mountain. The overall design is reasonable. You can also see all the attractions, which is suitable for all age groups. I originally wanted to go to Jiajiang to see the Qianfo Cliff. If the time was not enough, it would be much better than I expected. As a person who has been to many places, climbed many mountains, and met many water, I feel that this is a 4.5A level attraction, tickets sell me 60, I will not have any opinions. There are still not many people after Lichun, but summer must be a summer resort. Great place! Zhongyan! Five-star recommendation. Worth a special trip from Chengdu."
Three-Su Temple MuseumNearby City

Three-Su Temple Museum

4.5/5469 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 15 reviews
"Memorial Temple"
Ranked #4 in Meishan Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:00am-6:00pm (Local time)
"The three Sulu South Gate of the darts, with its classic elegance, is covered under the leafy old maple trees. The black plate on the door-kiln is titled "Three Sulu" with three large gold-stamped words written by He Shaoji, a famous man of the Qing Dynasty. The gate ticket office has a ticket window, you need to buy tickets for 40 yuan, and the temperature test scan code can be entered. "Sansu Kun is a national 4A level tourist attraction, a national key cultural relics protection unit, ten literary coordinates of Tianfu. The yarn lined the west of Meishan City is the former residence of the famous writers Su Shi, Su Shi and Su Ru. The Yuan Dynasty changed the house to the ancestral palace, the Ming Dynasty was destroyed by fire, and the original site was rebuilt in Kangxi for four years. After years of addition and expansion, the area now covers more than 100 mu, opposite to the Songcheng Scenic Area in the East Slope and the Three Su Memorial Hall, which shows the strong cultural charm of the Three Su. The famous ancestral hall and classical garden of Bashu, and the cultural tourist resort of the ancient literati worshiping and paying tribute to the three Su's. The brilliant literary achievement and rich life experience formed the three-soviet culture of the charm of living alone, and wrote a brilliant movement for the chinese nation! "a three-father-son, a thousand-year-old article, the male eye for the hundred generations, the glamorous ancient and modern"! The exhibition hall is filled with a large number of documents, cultural relics, sculptures, statues, relics, etc. to show the life of the three Su's father and son in the Song Dynasty. The sculpture in the garden is called "Cheng Madame Jiaozi", which tells Mrs. Cheng's teaching son in the Eastern Han Dynasty's "Fan Yi Zhuan", and learns the history of Ming Zhi. From then on, Su Shi "enlivens to be a Shi Zhi." Three Suzan has a more unique and distinct style with other garden-style scenic spots, for three-part water two-part bamboo "island house" characteristic garden, among which the two lakes of the east and west of Ruilian, surrounded by the central axis of the three-in-four courtyard main courtyard with the "U" shape. The pond is clear and clear, the sky is green, the water is twisting, the powder wall is Daiwa, and the water is flowing. The visitors stroll in it, or the water, or the fish to see the lotus, or the taste of leisure, all at ease! The garden pavilions, winding paths, flowers and green plants, fresh and elegant. It is said that in the three Suzhou bamboos, more than a dozen varieties have been planted, Mr. Dongpo love bamboo, once wrote "Better to eat without meat, not live without bamboo" famous poems, it can be seen that their love for bamboo. We walked slowly along this bamboo-lined long path and realized the different taste of bamboo that Mr. Dongpo had! Walked through most of the round forest in Sansu's porch and walked around to West Gate until we finished our tour today. This blue water around, red wall around the three Sulu, we have left a very good memory!"