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Things To Do in Leye

Dashiwei Tiankeng Group
339 Reviews
热爱生活0618Located in the north of Shuba village, Tongle Town, Leye County, Dashiwei Tiankeng is said to be the world's largest group of Tiankeng, with 24 Tiankeng scattered in the mountains of less than 20 square kilometers. It is known as Tiankeng Museum and World Karst Resort.
Luomei Lotus Cave
34 Reviews
芳芳330Lianhua Cave is in downtown Leye, very close to Leye long-distance bus station. The entrance of the lotus cave is still under construction, but the cave has been built, the plan is good, and there is a guide to accompany us, because we are walking slowly, and found that every important place is marked, let the guide go back. The most distinctive feature of this cave is its large and small natural lotus basin. It is the cave with the most lotus basins and the largest lotus basin in the world with a diameter of 9 meters. Walk through the cave from the beginning to the end, there is no turning back. After you leave the cave, a free shuttle will help you back to the entrance.
Bama Crystal Palace
441 Reviews
Geological Sites
莞邑虎岭Cost-effective, I went last year, travel sometimes just a mood release, like the bottom of the fish, before the thunderstorm arrived feeling bored, eager to get to the water to breathe. Away from one city, to another city, whether it gives you a good or bad feeling, but a little constant, for the unknown landscape, we always hold the puppet and curiosity.
244 Reviews
Geological Sites
芳芳330Guangxi not only has the world's largest craters, but also the world's largest underground rivers, and the entrance of these underground rivers is the "skylight", the Sanmen Sea Scenic Area can let you see this magical karst geomorphology form. There are 7 skylights in the Sanmen Sea Scenic Area. We can see three by boat at present. The boat can see one skylight without crossing a karst cave. This strange landscape can only be seen here in the world. The boat tour is not long, about half an hour to and from. After disembarking, it is recommended to go up the mountain from the side hiking trail, or to see the skylight from the high, which can go all the way to the other side of the mountain, and to see a large cave, the secret armoury of the Red Seven Army.
Baimo Cave
680 Reviews
Geological Sites
335566789It should be a good attraction for Bama, but the full price of 85 during the New Year is not discounted. It is a few yuan cheaper on than in the scenic area, but it cannot be used on the purchase. It takes an hour to enter. The Baimo Cave is divided into the front and the back, there is a large tiankeng, inside the growth of many Chinese herbal medicine, there is a divided into oxygen-absorbing area, the front hole has a magnetic treatment area, the back hole is karst landscape of various stone meteorite stalactites and so on. Interested in this magnetotherapy area, sitting for 2 hours, although not evident, maybe some of the body's negative energy has been corrected. The air in the hole is really good. Fun and fun,
Tianyan Telescope
2,631 Reviews
M30***19To see it, you need to walk through the bustling city, through the countryside and fields, and the scenery along the way is different. I really want to share with you the feeling of seeing it, but I am here to write a strategy to share, the kind of pride and shock + touch, I will leave it to myself and my friends who come again next time. Starting from Guiyang city, we drove to the "China Sky Eye Science Popularization Base" by car for about 1.5 hours. We did a preliminary strategy and checked the location of the parking lot (there is a parking building near the ticket office (not activated), followed by the Xingchen Hotel. An open-air parking lot), walk across the Tianmu Commercial Street (it’s the weekend, I heard the staff introduce the light show in the evening, originally we decided to stay for a day trip) to the ticket office (there is also a souvenir area, clear blue , Give me the collection of technology + literature), read the tour guide, walk from the ticket office to the security checkpoint after picking up the ID card (it takes about 10 minutes), start the security check, it is very strict, knowing that this is all for the eyes of the sky We are quite cooperative with the protection of the city, (thinking: why is it so mysterious) good citizens and civilized tourists^_^. Take the car to the observation deck! Thought I was just sending you up? Young man, you are too young! About 1500 steps up and down are waiting for you. ※This is a walking tour. We got off the shuttle bus. Under the guidance of the staff, we arrived at the second security checkpoint, saved labor and rented a film camera (forgive me for being so strange. Although I know it, I only saw it in the movie. When a photographer is using a film camera, I still feel a little excited + anxious) Mountain climbing! Walk freely on the boardwalk, read the introduction to the sky, breathe fresh air all the way, popularize the constellation culture all the way, find your own constellation, learn about tree species, take a photo (compared to life together (^-^)! )...We are on top! The field of vision is widened instantly, the breeze is blowing, and the mood is ~~~~beautiful, it is~~~ (the perfect combination of technology and nature!), I won’t describe too much here, because please explain the introduction of the lady and ask a lot of questions , The explanation is lively and interesting. At that moment, I feel that my savvy is okay. If I can, I would like to~(#^.^#) (Explanation service is provided (charged)) On the observation platform, the photographer helped us to take a group photo, (you can take a photo without renting a camera) Choose fixed-point photo service (charged)) Next, set off for the Planetarium Experience Hall! "Ahem~ Eat lunch first! Hungry!" "Hey, hey, cell phone~ I haven't seen my cell phone for more than 2 hours, one by one like seeing first love." Guizhou has a sour meal! I also learned a local dialect (three days without eating sour, walking and playing lao chuan) (the meaning of unstable walking), which my friends understood as: Lingbo Weibu) to check the ticket. "Visitors and friends, good afternoon everyone! You can use your mobile phone to scan the sun code to listen to the electronic audio explanation of the venue. Please go to your left to visit when entering the door"! Hmm! When we walked to the third exhibition area, I just understood the reason why the young lady at work asked us to walk along the left hand side of the door (the venue space is recommended to visit according to the development history of Guantian and the results from small to large), in the morning science Later, with the blessing of voice explanation, an analysis, hey~~We are helping talents. Nanrendong Times Model Hall, night view, hotel (there are many things to play in Tianyan Guest House), look at the pictures behind!

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Buliu River Xianren Bridge Scenic Spot
Buliu River Xianren Bridge Scenic SpotBaise,China

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Dashiwei Tiankeng Group
Dashiwei Tiankeng GroupBaise,China

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Luomei Lotus Cave
Luomei Lotus CaveBaise,China

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Leye Weather

Feb 27, 2021
7 ~ 12
Feb 28, 2021
7 / 17
Mar 1, 2021
Light rain
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Mar 2, 2021
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Mar 3, 2021
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Mar 4, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Leye
Feb 27, 2021 Leye Weather:Foggy, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:100%, Sunrise/Sunset:07:19/18:55
Leye Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Low

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