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Millennium Yaozhai
The advantage of tourism is that you can go to different places, recognize different people, adapt to different customs and customs, experience the world is so big, and people are so different. Nangang Pai Yao's bonfire party The ancient Yao people's nightlife is relatively monotonous. At that time, unlike the TV mobile phone, the previous bonfire party was their best way to entertain. There were roast wild boar and game in the party. The young Shawamei and Aguige singing and dancing are also the happiest time for Yao children. Traveling out is to experience something that is not experienced in the city. In the evening, we also participated in the Liannan Millennium Yaozhai bonfire party. Because tonight is also the Yaozhai Denggao Music Festival, so in addition to a series of traditional Yao songs and dances such as "Yao dance music", "playing songs", "long inspiration", there are also a number of musicians also show their voices. For example, "World versatile instrumental prince" Cai Heping, performed a gourd silk song "Yao Zhai Morning Song" for everyone. The performances of long inspiration and bamboo dance have high historical and artistic value and elegant artistic appreciation value, reflecting the unique folk culture and art of Pai Yao in China and the world. During the bonfire party, our young ladies and sisters realized the experience of wearing Yao clothing to participate in the bonfire party, learning to sing Yao song and other Yao style.
Millennium Yaozhai
Hello, I am waiting for you in the Millennium Yaozhai. Millennium Yaozhai (Nangang Pai) sits west to the east, 27 kilometers south of Liannan County. The area is 159 acres. Nangang Pai was built in the Song Dynasty and has a history of more than a thousand years. According to the test, in the most prosperous Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were more than 700 houses, more than 1,000 households with more than 7,000 people. After liberation, Nangang In the heyday of the row, there were more than 600 households with a population of more than 2,600. Later, with the support of the government, the villagers gradually moved to areas with flat terrain and convenient transportation. Yao people generally live in the mountains, "Lingnan has no mountains and no Yao", this is to avoid the long-standing feudal rulers' national persecution and national contempt, and the Yao people generally live in the middle of the mountain, easy Difficult to attack. In the history of the Nangang Millennium Yaozhai, it has been several times to rely on the mountain to successfully resist the attack of officers and soldiers and other hostile forces. Nangang Pai, as the largest Yaozhai in the eighth row of Liannan, shows the ancient Yao culture of the Liannan Yao nationality and even the Chinese Yao nationality. Nangang has a classical residential community, a primitive bamboo water supply system, a collective discussion site, a Yao old system, an ancient Panwang temple, a play slope mountain, a dragon culture, and a Taiping Heavenly Kingdom ruins... / The hh/gang levee is in danger. It has three gates and a relatively good wall. The main purpose is to defend the external forces, especially the suppression and attack of the ancient government. The style of houses in the village is unified, the layout is neat, the streets are neat, the water supply facilities are perfect, and the traces of the historical era are left everywhere. It is a relatively complete historical remains of the ancient villages. Relying on the wisdom and courage of challenging nature, Nangang people have made great efforts to build a self-sufficient primitive life scene in the mountains.
Sam Hu
In Qingyuan, there is not only a beautiful place, but also a place of outstanding people. The oil-capped Qiandao Yaozhai is such a simple and charming place. Located in Liannan County in the northwest, Yauling Qianhu Yaozhai is an ancient village with a history of more than 1,000 years. When the Tang Dynasty was built, it was expanded once again in the Song Dynasty. It was finally formed and flourished during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. As a result of the heyday, as many as 1,000 households in the stockade, the name of the thousand households Yaozhai came from this. Qianhu Yaozhai is built on the mountain. The whole stockade is built on a hillside of several hundred meters high. It faces the 10,000-acre farmland and the karst mountains. The houses here are densely packed, but they are scattered and arranged. Therefore, the place where the Yao people lived was called the row. The oil ridge Qianhu Yaozhai is the most intact preserved Yaozhai in the Liannan Yao nationality. Standing on a high place overlooking the entire village, rows of houses, hanging houses, small earth houses, brick houses, and buildings mixed with them, blue-gray bricks, yellow-white walls, wooden structures and houses The stars are a little bit green, and the age is quiet. It is said that the scenery on the mountainside is the layered houses, and the scenery at the foot of the mountain is definitely the endless field. The fields of different shapes are like pieces of bricks that are spliced together, which is very geometric. The green crops in the fields are like pigments, or the whole field is dyed green in depth or shallow. It looks like a green ocean at a glance. If time is enough, you may want to walk into the surrounding farmland. Enjoy the vibrancy of this piece.
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